Commercial Fusion Style

Hello, my name is Ford I have been in the home improvement industry for most of my adult life. One of my favorite rooms in the home is the kitchen, truly the heart of the home. In many homes the kitchen is not just the place where meals are prepared, it is also the heart of entertainment in the home. Kitchens cost a lot to renovate but let’s face it a beautiful kitchen adds quality to life, comfort to the home and value to the property.

It has always surprised me that homeowners having chosen the best finishes when it comes to cabinetry and countertops, fail to make the best choice when it comes to the faucets that they install. Faucets come in so many different finishes and offer a range of features that can add elegance, value and utility to the room and yet it seems that this detail is overlooked.

I regularly review some of the best kitchen faucets on the market today. These include ranges of classic and contemporary faucets with some of the most innovative features available today. If you know what to look for and what features and finishes are available, you can add value to your home and finish off your kitchen with a faucet that will draw the attention of your guests for all the right reasons.

In these reviews we cover

  • Finish Choose from a variety of finishes that will fit in with the style and finish of your kitchen.
  • Features – Some of the top of the range faucets feature motion detection for hands-free water activation or self-cleaning nozzles
  • With or without spray head – including docking systems used
  • Water flow rate
  • Swivel Range – From 360 degrees to ninety degrees
  • Water Activation System – Top mount or side mount
  • Warranty Offered

My comprehensive review covers a number of the biggest brands in the kitchen faucet arena. All have made themselves a name as some of the best faucet designers and manufacturers in the industry. They offer a selection of faucets that will cover every kitchen style at a range of prices that will suit any budget from generous to bargain basement.