ALFI Brand AB2039S Solid Stainless Steel Commercial Spring Kitchen Faucet Review

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Last Updated: January 3, 2021
By: Charles Cole

This Alfi commercial-style faucet brings all the ease of a large commercial faucet to your home kitchen. This faucet features a coiled pull-down nozzle and a single lever to control water flow and temperature. It comes at a mid-range price and is built to last for years.

This is a solid stainless steel faucet, fully lead-free and resistant to rust and corrosion. Unlike a lot of other faucets, which are constructed of heavy brass with a steel or chrome finish, this product is super lightweight and easy to install.

High quality commercial-style faucets like this have been gaining popularity in the past few years – they are great for busy households and cooks that spend a lot of time in the kitchen, whether feeding a big family or entertaining guests. If you are looking for a modern and practical upgrade to your kitchen sink that will last for a long time, this Alfi faucet could be an awesome choice.

ALFI Brand AB2039S Solid Stainless Steel Commercial Spring Kitchen Faucet

ALFI Brand AB2039S

  • Stainless Steel finish
  • Iron color
  • Deck Mount installation
  • 9 pounds weight
  • Easy to Install

Highlights and Features

Like all commercial-style or industrial kitchen faucets, the Alfi AB2039S has a long hose encased in a high, arching coil, to give you a full range of movement while you are cleaning. A long arm holds the nozzle in place while it is not in use. A single button on the nozzle allows you to switch easily between a powerful pre-rinse spray and a standard pot-filling flow.

Temperature and flow are controlled by a single lever at the base of the faucet. The lever is easy to use and changes with light touches, which can be really helpful when you are working with dirty or soapy hands.

The feature that makes this faucet so unique compared to others in its price range is that it is made entirely of stainless steel. A lot of other faucets, commercial-style or traditional, are constructed of brass and finished in steel or another metal. The full stainless steel build makes this faucet certifiably lead-free and corrosion-resistant. It also makes it a little lighter and easy to work with, not to mention durable.

The faucet has a high water output, making for a powerful spray that can help you tackle tough kitchen messes without using any harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbers. With a little getting used to, it is easy to control the water flow and switch between spray and flow modes.

The Alfi faucet is compatible with a sink or countertop hole approximately 1 ½ inches in diameter. If your sink has the right sized hole, it is extremely easy to install.

Things to Consider

Before you purchase the Alfi AB2039S for your kitchen, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind.

First of all, a commercial-style faucet is not ideal for everyone. They are a little pricier, very powerful and may take a little time to get used to – if you are partial to a traditional kitchen sink with a pan-filling spout, you may not want to invest in a commercial faucet. However, if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen and want to significantly reduce your clean-up time, these faucets are definitely worth the money.

You should also consider that this is a very tall faucet – about 22 inches at its peak. It will not fit into a low sink space, and for the best function you will want to have a larger sink that can accommodate the full range of motion of the pull-down nozzle. A tall backsplash is recommended for the powerful spray.

The single lever helps to reduce mess when you need to adjust the water flow and temperature, but it is a little sensitive. After using the faucet a few times, you will get used to the flow settings.


This faucet comes at a mid-range price for a commercial-style kitchen faucet. Because of its high functionality and solid stainless steel build, it is quite a bit more expensive than a traditional kitchen faucet. It is built to last, though – based on customer reviews, it will function for a minimum of three years or longer before it needs any repair or maintenance. The faucet also comes with a five year guaranteed warranty.


This Alfi faucet has a sleek, very modern look. It will fit well in a contemporary kitchen design. If you are remodeling and looking to upgrade some of the features of your kitchen, a commercial-style faucet is a great choice. They are a little more expensive, but may save you money on repairs in the long run.

This particular faucet is durable and powerful. It will make cooking and cleaning faster, easier and even safer, with its guaranteed lead-free design. It is ideal for a busy household, a professional or semi-professional cook, or someone who just enjoys the industrial look and convenience.

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