Brizo Kitchen Faucets Reviews

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Last Updated: November 10, 2020
By: Charles Cole

When it comes to kitchen faucets, Brizo faucets are an excellent choice. Brizo Kitchen Faucets brings light and life to every kitchen with its full array of kitchen faucets that are easy to set up and use. The Brizo manufacturers invest a lot in the latest technology as well as update previous technologies to produce high quality faucets. As highlighted in the reviews below, these Brizo faucets are a complete game changer and a definite must-have for your kitchen. Let’s get to the countdown.

Top 5 Brizo Kitchen Faucets

Brizo 64355LF-SS Vuelo Pullout Spray Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

Brizo 64355LF-SS Vuelo Pullout Spray Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

Brizo 64355LF-SS Vuelo

  • Pull-down wand
  • On-off indicator light
  • Touch-Clean sprayhead
  • MagneDock magnetic wand docking system
  • 9.7 pounds weight

We handle smart touch electronics every day but rarely is one of them a faucet. The Brizo 64355-SS Vuelo Pullout Spray Single Handle Kitchen Faucet is one step ahead of most faucets because with a simple touch on any part of the body, spout, or handle, you can activate the water flow. Not only is it revolutionary but also very convenient, for instance, when both hands are dirty. Also, the faucet includes touch-clean technology in the spray-head.

Furthermore, to keep you posted on the energy that the faucet is consuming, there is an on/off light indicator that signals when the battery is about to die and, most important, it shows the temperature of the water. Therefore, you don’t have to keep feeling with your hands or guessing whether the water is warm enough. It also features an ergonomic button with which you can use the pull-down wand in either an aerated or spray mode while the pull-out wand is big enough for easy holding.

Plus, the faucet system has a long enough hose to reach a pot over the counter without the need to hold it up. There is also a MagneDock magnetic wand docking part system included. The Brizo 64355LF-SS Vuelo faucet does not come with batteries, but six AA batteries are required for it to function. Its dimensions are at 25.2 x 16.5 x 4.6 inches and the spout reach and height are 10.375 inches and 9.75 inches, respectively.

Brizo 63070LF-SS Venuto Kitchen Faucet

Brizo 63070LF-SS Venuto Kitchen Faucet

Brizo 63070LF-SS Venuto

  • Single handle
  • 2-function pull-down
  • Touch-Clean sprayhead
  • Spout swings 360 degrees
  • MagneDock magnetic wand docking system

Easy to order online and beautifully packaged, this model has so much more to offer. With the Venuto faucet, you get the addition of class in your kitchen and its performance is superior starting with its high neck that easily sprays any pots and pans that you throw at it. The hose also easily pulls out and retracts. It comes with a single handle and a 2-function pull-down which lies above the sink. Helpfully, the sink can have one, two, or three sink holes depending on your requirements.

In addition to all the elegance, you are guaranteed peace of mind if any problem arises in the future. When it comes to technology, the Brizo 63070FL-SS is attached with the smart touch making it very convenient to turn the water on and off, reducing unnecessary manual twisting. The spray head also has a touch-clean system and a 4-way handle for presenting the required temperature and the flow of the water. Again, with a light tap, you'll have your water flowing instantly.

The faucet is 393 mm high and 241 mm long, with a spout swing of 360 degrees ensuring you have maximum efficiency when cleaning. It weighs 9.2 pounds with dimensions 25.2 x 16.5 x 4.6 inches, and a spout height and reach of 8.125 inches and 9.5 inches, respectively. It comes with one handle and requires no batteries; also, it is one of the latest brass stainless faucets.

Brizo 63225LF-SS Brilliance Stainless Artesso Kitchen Faucet

Brizo 63225LF-SS Brilliance Stainless Artesso Single Handle Articulating Arm Kitchen Faucet

Brizo 63225LF-SS Brilliance

  • Stainless Artesso Single Handle
  • MagneDock Technology ®
  • Dual-jointed articulating arm
  • 20 inches Spout Height
  • 7.34 pounds weight

Without even taking into account that this model is a Delta make, you can be confident that this faucet is durable and of high quality. The Brizo 63225LF-SS Brilliance faucet is more manual than the rest but it still maintains its simplicity; for instance, it has a button that allows you to effortlessly change the mode of the sprayer head.

Having a single handle is convenient for when the other hand could be washing an apple or holding a pot. It has a long hose that is flexible enough for efficient spraying of the sink while cleaning and easily reaches the pot over the counter. Other than the great practicality, the Brizo 63225LF-SS faucet has the best curve so that whatever position you place it in, it still maintains a graceful, simple, and uncluttered appearance on your counter. Also, it is one of the lightest modern faucets weighing just 5 pounds with dimensions of 24.7 x 13.1 x 3.6 inches and a spout height of 20 inches.

Brizo 63020LF-SS Solna Kitchen Faucet

Brizo 63020LF-SS Solna Kitchen Faucet

Brizo 63020LF-SS Solna

  • Solid brass construction
  • Spout swivels 360 degrees
  • High-arch gooseneck spout
  • 9.09 inches Spout Reach
  • 7.23 pounds weight

The Solna faucet is uniquely made of a solid brass body with a well-insulated pull-out spray head. It is not every day you come across matte black with a hidden sprayer which still maintains modernity; therefore, other than standing out as a unique masterpiece in your kitchen, the faucet easily blends. Another special feature with Brizo 63020LF-SS Solna Kitchen faucet is that, unlike most faucets, it requires no battery for it to function.

The spout swivels 360 degrees, therefore, you need not worry about any obstruction to accessing the sink. The faucet sprayer remains extended until you need it returned which it easily does by clicking back into place through a magnetic force. In addition to bringing maximum access to the sink is the gracefully high-arched gooseneck spout.

The model 63020LF-SS is 7.2 pounds making it lighter than other faucets. Also, it is 25.4 x 16.9 x 4.8 inches dimension-wise with a spout height of 8.9 inches and a reach of 9.09 inches. In conclusion, the Solna faucet has a limited lifetime guarantee.

Brizo 64020LF-SS Solna Kitchen Faucet

Brizo 64020LF-SS Solna Kitchen Faucet Single Handle

Brizo 64020LF-SS Solna

  • On-off indicator light
  • Quick connect hoses
  • MagneDock magnetic wand docking system
  • Spout Reach: 9 inches
  • 8.55 pounds weight

This is another particular faucet with a touch of modern technology such that you can easily activate the water flow with just a single touch either on the body, spout, or handle. It uses batteries but there's no need to worry about them running out - the water still runs. And to keep you up to date on their charge status, there is a light indicator that, apart from warning you when the battery is about to die, also indicates the temperature of the water, therefore, you don't need to keep having to feel the water.

Flexible hoses are making it easy and fast to connect them and huge buttons allow you to operate the pull-down in spray or aerated mode. The faucet also features the MagneDock wand docking system.

This model of Solna faucet is a two-function pull-down type that comes with one handle and either one, two, or three sink holes. It weighs 8.7 pounds, has 25.2 x 16.5 x 4.6 inches dimensions with a spout height and reach of 9 inches. Batteries are necessary and must be six AA type. However, you can rest assured they are durable.

Brizo Kitchen Faucets Comparison Chart

FaucetsFlow Rate Style Material RatingPrice
Brizo 64355LF-SS Vuelo1.8 GPM Modern Brass8$$$
Brizo 63070LF-SS VenutoN/AModern Brass 6$$$$
Brizo 63225LF-SS Brilliance1.8 GPM N/AN/A9$$$$
Brizo 63020LF-SS Solna1.8 GPM Modern Brass 7$$$
Brizo 64020LF-SS Solna1.8 GPM Modern Brass 7$$$

Bottom line

Trying to pinpoint the perfect Brizo faucet might be a great challenge since all the faucets are outstanding in their own way. It is imperative to note that these Brizo faucets are pocket-friendly and add a great aesthetic to any kitchen sink. Their ease of use, especially the faucets that embrace the smart touch technology, makes the kitchen a cool place to be. If you are considering any kitchen faucets you might also want to check out the Pfifster kitchen faucets. However, with Brizo kitchen faucets, you can never go wrong!

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