Best Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Reviews

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Last Updated: November 26, 2020
By: Charles Cole

Pull-down kitchen faucets are clear rival for pull-out kitchen faucets, and the competition is heating up.

Both pull-down and pull-out have their own advantages, but this list concentrates on the market to determine which one is worth investing your time and money in. Since there are so many faucets worth looking at, this list concentrates on the more reputable models in the industry based on their impact and popularity.

If you’re on the hunt for a pull-down faucet, you'll find that our list fully reviews 9 of the best options available. Buyers are bound to recognize all the brands we have include—like we said, focused on the most reputable brands buyers will have to choose from.

Below you will find the current best pull-down kitchen faucets to choose from—you will find the vary in style, design and cost.

9 Best Pull-Down Kitchen Faucets

Best Single Handle Pull-Down: Delta Leland

Delta Leland

Delta 9178-AR-DST Leland

  • Patented DIAMOND Seal Technology
  • High arc spout swivels 360 degrees
  • 20-inch hose reach
  • ADA compliant
  • Fits 1 or 3-hole sinks

Starting off with a Delta faucet that came second on our best overall kitchen faucet list is a mid-priced pull-down faucet, the Delta 9178-AR-DST Leland.

This is a promising single lever faucet that comes in arctic stainless, chrome and Venetian bronze. They are some of the better finishes you can get for a kitchen faucet of this price, with the Venetian bronze standing out the most.

Buyers won’t have to worry about the spray head dangling due to the MagnaTite docking that uses a built-in magnet to keep it in place when not in use, effective even after years of use. In a move that should worry other brands, Delta embedded the valve with diamonds so that it continues to function like new for years, making it one of the most durable products on the list.

The name of the technology is Diamond seal and it is trademarked by Delta. Buyers without water softeners in their home don’t have to worry about hard water buildup with the touch clean spray nozzles. And if you’re having trouble deciding between a 1- and 3- hole installation, rest assured that this product gives you the option of either.

As the first on the list, this faucet is one of the best pull-down options, and comes recommended for both small and large kitchens.

  • Great finish options
  • Magnatite docking and Diamond Seal
  • Easy-to-clean nozzles
  • Choice of installation hole options

Runner-Up Single Handle Pull-Down: Delta Cassidy

Delta Faucet Cassidy

Delta Faucet 9197-AR-DST Cassidy

  • 20-inch hose reach
  • Optional A/C Adapter Available
  • Two function spray wand
  • Two-year battery life
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty

Sticking with Delta, this high-priced Delta Faucet 9197-AR-DST Cassidy is also available in 1- and 3-hole installations for those that have a hard time deciding.

The compression measures about 3/8 inches while the faucet itself supports 1.8 GPM of water flow — pretty much the industry standard. It is a water efficient model that uses a single handle lever to control both temperature and water power, and does so in a way that is better than their previous models.

This  pull-down kitchen faucet masks some modern features in its classical design without compromising the functions. Available colors include arctic stainless, champagne bronze, chrome, and Venetian bronze.

The spray head pulls down and provides both stream and spray functions when it is not docked with the magnet. There is plenty of room for maneuvering with the 62-inch braided hose, and even when fully extended, it will still slide back into place. The valve is made with the same Diamond seal technology as the last model, and it also has a cap of 1.8 GPM.

This is a nice alternative for those unimpressed by the Leland, as the Cassidy gives you everything you need and more.

  • Great color range
  • Long hose length supports kitchen mobility
  • Diamond Seal technology
  • Simple single handle operation

Runner-Up Single Handle Pull-Down: Hansgrohe Talis S

hansgrohe Talis Tall

Hansgrohe 14872001 Talis S

  • M2 ceramic cartridge
  • Deck Mounted installation
  • 1.75 Gallons Per Minute flow rate
  • Single-hole-deck-mount
  • Chrome color

Making its first appearance on the list of the best pull-down models is Hansgrohe with its 14872001 model that promises some novel functions compared to other models. It comes in chrome or steel, in tune with the company's decision to keep it simple with both color and design.

The faucet uses an M2 ceramic cartridge that is built to last for years, ensuring that you get the best of the best when it comes to internal mechanics. Thanks to the MagFit magnetic system, the spray head is easy to use and even easier to dock back into place. More space is provided by the swiveling spout, granting users 150 degrees of movement to get around pesky pots and buckets in the sink.

This is a great minimalist design from Hansgrohe and is well complimented by brass materials. As a bonus, the flow rate is capped at 2.2 GPM so there is a lot of power coming from this faucet. 

For buyers that want a model that ticks all the boxes, this would be an ideal purchase.

  • Two color options
  • Magnetic docking and durable ceramic cartridge
  • Swivel spout for ease of use
  • Powerful 2.2 GPM blast

Runner-Up Single Handle Pull-Down: Delta

Delta 9159-AR-DST Faucet

Delta 9159-AR-DST

  • High arc spout swivels 360 degrees
  • 20-inch hose reach
  • ADA compliant
  • 9.5" hose reach
  • Brass material

Delta strikes again on the list with this high-priced kitchen faucet available with a multitude of features and colors, such as arctic stainless, champagne bronze, and chrome. Out of the three colors, arctic stainless gets the biggest push from Delta.

The buttons on the spray head are both big and easy to press, with options for aerated or spray mode when in use. When not in use, the spray head is held in place by MagnaTite docking, and all with a high arc spout that gives you as much room as possible without cramping your style.

This single lever faucet is meant for a 1-hole installation, but for consumers that want a 3-hole 8-inch installation, an optional escutcheon can be ordered separately.

Delta's Diamond Seal technology uses a diamond coating to guarantee faucet durability up to 5 million uses. The faucet dimensions are 24.8 x 13.9 x 11 inches and the entire system comes with a lifetime warranty on the faucet and finish.

Consumers looking for a solid product to put in their new kitchen will be happy with what this Delta model has to offer.

  • Great finish options
  • Magnatite docking and Diamond Seal
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 1-hole installation, with optional escutcheon for other configurations

Best Budget Option: American Standard Colony

American Standard 4175 300 075 Colony

American Standard 4175 300 075 Colony

  • Brass swivel spout
  • Metal lever handle
  • 8-inches reach from base
  • Ceramic disc valve
  • 2.2 Gallons Per Minute

This kitchen faucet comes in at one of the lowest priced on the list with colors in stainless steel, matte black, and polished chrome. Surprisingly, this pull-down kitchen faucet has a lot of advanced features, including a spray head with adjustable spray pattern and pause features.

The swivel spout is made of high-quality brass to compliment the metal lever handle, both made to last for years without maintenance. You might also be interested in this guide on black kitchen faucets.

In one of the better deals on the market, an escutcheon is included and the system can be mounted with or without it.

The braided spray hose is 20 inches long with 3/8-inch compression connectors and should be more than enough length for tasks in and around the sink.

Drip-free performance is guaranteed thanks to the ceramic disc valve, a mechanic typical of higher priced kitchen faucets. Regardless of which of the 3 colors you choose, take solace in knowing that the finish is scratch, tarnish, and corrosion resistant. 

It’s not often that a kitchen faucet this low-priced has so many desirable features, but American Standard managed to squeeze it into this great package.

  • Great value for money
  • 3 color choices
  • Drip-free ceramic disc valve
  • Durable, scratch-free finish

Best Low-Rise Option: Hansgrohe Allegro

hansgrohe Allegro E Premium 1-Handle 13-inch Tall Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet

Hansgrohe 04076860 Allegro E

  • 2 Spray Modes
  • 1.75 GPM Flow Rate
  • Easy-to-Clean Silicone Nozzles
  • 11.6" hose length
  • Magnetic Sprayhead Docking

Next on the list this high-priced Hansgrohe kitchen faucet that gives you superior single control operation with its single lever system.

The spout has a reach of 10 inches with a full spout height of just 8 5/8 inches, which is great if you don't have the space for a high spout. There are only 2 colors available — steel optic and chrome — but they both look great and are good quality.

The solid brass construction lasts for years and as is expected with this current line of kitchen faucets. An included M2 ceramic cartridge is one of the best on the market, so you’ll always have cutting edge valve control even years after the newest model comes out.

If more room is needed while using the sink, the spout swivels a full 180 degrees. Enjoy the efficiency of the spray head that has two spray modes of full and needle. 

The base plate isn’t included, but if you need a 3-hole configuration, the optional base plate makes it possible. This is the best designed kitchen faucet on the list and will definitely turn heads, not only for how beautiful it is, but for how well it works.

If you need a one-stop solution for a pull-down kitchen faucet, this is the way to go.

  • Two color options
  • Lower spout height
  • Two spray modes
  • 180-degree swivel head

Best Touch Option: Delta Pilar

Delta 980T-SSSD-DST Pilar

Delta 980T-SSSD-DST Pilar

  • InnoFlex PEX supply lines
  • Touch 2 0 Technology
  • 2.2 gallons per minute
  • Diamond Seal Technology
  • ADA compliant 

Probably the most advanced kitchen faucet on the list, this Delta model aims to prove that touch technology is the real deal in kitchen faucets.

The model is available in stainless, Venetian bronze, and chrome. The Pilar is for traditional kitchens, but can still be a good fit in modern settings, and this model fits a nice middle ground between motion sensing and traditional kitchen faucets.

The high-end unit comes in stainless, Venetian bronze, and chrome. Delta includes some of their best modern technology in the faucet, including the MagnaTite docking system that uses a magnet to secure the spray head in place when not in use, and the Diamond Seal technology that embeds the valve with diamonds to prevent corrosion over time.

The best feature is the Touch 2.0 technology by Pilar that allows you to simply tap anywhere on the faucet's spout or handle to start and stop water: great for when your hands are dirty or just busy holding something else. With a flow rate of 2.2 GPM at 60 PSI, this is one of the most powerful faucets to include touch or motion technology.

Buyers will be supplied with a 59-inch hose and a 2-hole installation setup to accommodate the included soap dispenser.

Factoring in the design and the usability of the entire system, this pull-down kitchen faucet goes the extra mile on the details that set it apart from others on the list.

As such, this is one of the best choices when considering a pull-down kitchen faucet, and definitely worth the money.

  • Touch 2.0 technology
  • Powerful spray blast
  • Super-long hose
  • Soap dispenser included
  • Magnatite docking and Diamond Seal

Best of the Rest: Kohler Bellera

Kohler K-560-VS Bellera

Kohler K-560-VS Bellera

  • Vibrant Stainless finish
  • Deck Mounted installation
  • 1.8 Gallons Per Minute
  • 7.88" hose reach
  • 7.7 ounces weight

Available in vibrant stainless, polished chrome, and oil-rubbed bronze, this medium priced kitchen faucet is one of the better high-arch spout designs you will find on the list.

An included escutcheon allows for 1- or 3-hole installation so that you can set up your kitchen to your taste. Consumers will get full 360-degree rotation so that the kitchen faucet is never in the way when it isn’t in use, which is perfect for using big pots or buckets in the sink.

Water temperature and power are controlled by the single lever design that is easy to grasp for people of all ages. Spray head functions include aerated flow, pause, and spray, all without having to go out of your way to find the buttons.

As part of the Ballera line of kitchen faucets, fans of Kohler can expect the best out of this item and its traditional styling. Flow rate is at an industry standard 1.8 GPM and will work well with all setups.

Kohler is known for its quality, and it's clear from this product that this still stands.

  • Beautiful high spout arc
  • Suitable for 1 or 3 holes
  • Full spray head rotation for maximum movement
  • Easy-to-use spray head functions

Best of the Rest: Delta Ashton

Delta 19922-SSSD-DST Ashton

Delta 19922-SSSD-DST Ashton

  • Brilliance Stainless finish
  • Deck Mounted installation
  • 1.8 Gallons Per Minute
  • Metal material
  • DIAMOND Seal Technology

Delta continues to dominate the list with this high-priced high-arc design that is sure to turn heads with its unique design.

Like the previous model, buyers will get full 360-degree coverage so that they have full access to the sink no matter what task they are performing.

Unique to this model is the two function multi flow wand that lets you increase the flow rate temporarily to 2.0 GPM for increased power when needed.

This unique little feature comes in handy more frequently than you expect, especially when cleaning stubborn dishes. Delta also threw in a soap dispenser and optional escutcheon, a big added value. The product is guaranteed and comes with a lifetime faucet and finish warranty that is sure to come in handy if you ever need it.

With dimensions of 9.7 x 13.1 x 15.4 inches, this contemporary/modern design will fit in a lot of kitchens and enhance the overall quality with its look and efficiency.

Easily one of the best pull-down kitchen faucets on the list, this model has climbed to many people's top choices for a reason.

  • 360-degree swivel head
  • Variable flow rate for an occasional power boost
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Soap dispenser and optional escutcheon
  • Contemporary look

Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide

Pull-down vs pull-out

Pull-Down vs Pull-Out Faucets

If you’ve found yourself here, more likely than not you are searching for a pull-down faucet. However, we wanted to provide potential buyers with a brief description of the difference between the two.

Pull-down faucets are the more popular of the two since they pull down and are easy to maneuver. These also seem to be more durable then pull-out faucets, and provide a wider range of motion. Still, bear in mind that this style of faucet needs plenty of vertical room, just to give you more space to pull out the hose. Basically they'll generally have a longer neck than pull-out models, which is great if you want a stylish curve to stand out in your sink area, but won't suit you if you have cabinets, windows or other items above the sink. 

A pull-out faucet, as its name suggests, pulls out toward you. This pull towards sometimes makes them more difficult to maneuver, and you’ll have to angle your pot or pan in and position it in a specific spot before you fill it. Nevertheless, if you're short on space above the sink, a pull-out model may be your only option, and as all brands cater for this style, you won't miss out on looks.

Basic Things to Check For

There are a few technical considerations that you'll need to take into account, especially if you have a busy kitchen or will be otherwise giving your faucet a lot of use.

  • Docking System

A reliable docking system is often overlooked when you're focused on style, price, and color options, but this is actually something that should be your priority. Imagine fiddling with trying to line up your spray head and spout while you have your hands full with something else, and you'll see what we're getting at. 

All the models in our list are from reputable brands that offer solid construction, but if you're looking at a cheaper model, check that it has a reliable magnetic docking system.  This is a part that gets continuous use, so go for quality.

  • Hose Length

Another thing you should obviously consider is hose length. As is evident from the choices on our list, this can vary significantly between models.

A long hose is great if you move around a lot in the kitchen, and will be filling remote pots and pans without a separate pot filler faucet. Still, bear in mind that the hose will be stored under your sink. Just as the space above your sink is a key consideration for a pull-down, you'll need to take space below into account too if you choose a longer hose. 

  • Water Flow Rate (GPM)

If you're an avid cook or just have a lot of dirty dishes, don't forget to check your faucet model's flow rate. This is measured in gallons per minute (GPM). Higher numbers mean a more powerful blast, while a lower number means better water conservation.

A GPM of 1.8 can have the same effect as a 2.2 GPM model if it is built correctly. A lot of this has to do with the spray head, but still comes down to the overall build quality. Your home setup, water source and pressure, pipes, and other variables will also factor into how strong the water flow rate will be.


  • Delta

The Delta brand is well-known for their minimalistic and classic designs—and they're the perfect option for buyers for something clean, simple, and functional that will also look great in their space. It comes as no surprise that they have some great pull-down models to choose from.

Delta's two signature features are Diamond seal technology to prevent leaks and drips, and optional Touch20 technology, which means you can turn water on and off with the touch of a finger, forearm or elbow on different parts of the faucet. This is great for times when you don't have a clean hand to lift the handle, or if you're concerned about germs building up in the sink area.

  • Hansgrohe

The Hansgrohe brand is really well-known when it comes to kitchen faucets, and their reputation speaks for itself thank to the high quality, durable, and innovative faucets they consistently produce. Their faucets are not only sleek and beautiful, but also simple to use and packed with functional features that will simplify your life.

If you want an easy-to-install and easy-to-use faucet with a sleek and minimalistic design, this is a great collection to consider.

  • Kohler

You'll definitely recognize the name Kohler if you are even remotely familiar with faucet and other fixture brands. This brand is highly rated, and they offer great faucets that fit all budgets—with their affordable options being pretty low on the cost spectrum when compared to other similar faucets.

Like Delta, the Kohler brand provides faucets of all styles, types, and designs—from two-handle and single-handle to tech options and more selections. 

Kohler is pretty big on offering water-conserving faucets to help consumers not only save on their water bill, but also provide them with more eco-friendly faucet selections. If this is something that is important to you in a kitchen faucet, we strongly suggest you look into Kohler.

  • American Standard

American Standard fill an often neglected part of the market: the needs of the ordinary person on the street. This manufacturer tends to keep the product offering simple and functional, rather than constantly introducing innovations. In a market where there is a decreasing number of low-cost faucets available, American Standard offers high-quality products at a very reasonable price. By way of proof, the pull-down faucet that made our list has many of the same features as the higher priced products, and this brand is definitely worth a look if your budget is limited.

Faucet Materials

Pull-down kitchen faucets are available in almost all of the same materials as all kitchen faucets. From chrome to stainless steel, you will have a plethora of selections to choose from. The faucets on our list are all made of high quality and durable materials that will ensure your faucet will last you for the long haul.

Types of Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

  • Single-handle Faucets

While we are specifically looking at pull-down faucets, they all still come in a variety of options to choose from.

Single-handle faucets are popular in the modern kitchen and a favorite among many buyers. Like their name suggest, they feature a single handle, or lever, that controls both the water pressure and water temperature the faucet delivers. These are installed via a single supply line which is convenient—although it does take them a little longer to deliver hot water.

  • Double-handle Faucets

Double-handle faucets are the more traditional options, and not too long ago these were the most popular.

These faucets have two handles—each of which controls a different temperature, hot or cold. They typically have different supply lines and they heat up much faster than the single-handle faucet. These typically have a decorative cap on each of the handles which you can easily remove whenever the faucet requires easy maintenance. 

Many brands offer different handle options—there are even beautiful porcelain selections to choose from, perfect for buyers looking for English inspired design elements to incorporate in their kitchen.

  • Touch Faucets

Touch faucets are becoming increasingly popular in the home thanks to their ease of use and water conserving capabilities. 

Unsurprisingly, Delta's touch-activated Pilar made it on to our list. Touch technology allows faucets to turn on only when touched or tapped, for example with your finger, forearm or elbow. Many of them come with buttons or levers that simply control the temperature of the water. 

Touch faucets reduce the spread of germs since there are fewer parts that need to be touched (and you don't have to use your hands). This is perfect for the kitchen, especially if you cook often, since you won’t have to worry about having to touch anything after your hands have handled meat or other foods that can potentially spread bacteria.

The best part about touch faucets is that they're just as easy to install—they pretty much require the same process. They are also available in different finish and color options, so you don’t strictly have to stick to a chrome faucet if you don’t want to.

  • Commercial Faucets

Commercial style faucets are designed to work great well with large, deep sinks and they are a great addition to today’s modern, large kitchen.

Most of these typically utilize the pull-down design. They deliver a high-pressure spray, and the pull-down design allows you to get the most out of the commercial faucet. 

So, if you are looking into pull-down faucets but also want something more “heavy duty,” then you might want to look at commercial kitchen faucets as well.

How to Install a Kitchen Faucet

Most kitchen faucets are relatively similar when it comes to installation—and luckily this process is simple. Before we get into it, it’s important to note that all buyers should refer to their faucet’s manual before installation to ensure you are doing it correctly. Generally, when installing a new kitchen faucet, you will need to follow the steps below.

  1. First, you will need to turn off your water supply and disconnect your supply line(s). 
  2. After doing so you will need to remove the current faucet (assuming you are replacing and not installing a faucet for the first time) and clean the area thoroughly.
  3. Once that’s done, grab your new faucet and alight the mounting holes with each other.
  4. Once everything is in place you will be able to feed the supply lines and tighten everything up.
  5. When all the parts are securely installed, turn your water source back on and run the water to ensure there are no leaks—if everything runs smoothly you're good to go!

One thing to remember is that wall-mounted faucets are a bit trickier than counter or sink mounted kitchen faucets. Wall-mounted faucets will require the supply line go behind the wall in many cases, which may present plumbing if issues if you don’t know what you are doing.

Choosing the Right Color and Finish

There are tons of color and finish selections to choose from nowadays. If this is a priority for you make sure to narrow down what works best for your kitchen—you will be able to pick from chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, and stainless steel to champagne, gold, or copper (just to name a few).

While features and functionality are important, nowadays buyers have the liberty to choose the best-looking faucet for their kitchen without having to sacrifice any of the other things they are looking for in a faucet.

Choosing the right color and finish

Pull-down faucets are no exception when it comes to the variety of color and finish options they provide. Buyers will find that most brands and models will have just as many color and finish options to choose from, so you won’t have to sacrifice your choice options.

Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Comparison Chart

FaucetsWater ConsumptionStyle Material RatingPrice
Delta Faucet LelandN/AStandard Brass 9$$
Delta Faucet CassidyN/AStandard Brass 8$$$
Hansgrohe Talis S²1.75 GPM N/ABrass 7$$
Delta Faucet TrinsicN/AStandard Brass 8$$$
American Standard 4175.300.075 Colony2.2 GPM Classic Design Stainless-Steel 8$
Kohler K-560-Vs Bellera1.8 GPM N/AMetal 8$$
Hansgrohe Allegro E1.75 GPM Lowrider Brass 8$$
Delta 19922-SSSD-DSTN/AContemporary / ModernMetal8$$

Parting Words

Remember that when looking for the highest quality you also must make sure to consider the features your kitchen requires in faucet. While color and finish are important design choices that can make or break the overall look for kitchen, it’s important not focus on this.

Make sure to consider how your sink and your space will work with faucet you choose—you may find your “dream” sink in a commercial sink, but if you don’t have a large, deep sink it simply will not work for you. Unless you are doing a more extensive kitchen remodel, we highly advise that you look at what you have to work with and narrow your selections that way first.

After that you can start looking at your feature preferences—do you want a touchless sink? A two-handle sink? A wall-mounted sink? Then you need to establish your budget and start narrowing down your options, until you find the best pull-down faucet for your home.

It’s important for buyers to remember that our list of best faucets, along with the information in our buying guide, is simply here to guide you, steer you in the right direction, and help you pick the best option for you. At the end of the day just because it is one of the top faucets out there, doesn’t mean it is what will work best for you and your needs.

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