Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks

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Last Updated: November 3, 2020
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The perfect complement to that commercial kitchen faucet or any type of faucet you just purchased is a brand new kitchen sink. Buying an undermount kitchen sink is easier than it sounds, and even for those without a new faucet or faucet water filter, upgrading your sink to one of the better ones on this list will yield immediate results. The biggest decision you need to make after reading this list is whether you prefer granite or stainless steel — the specifics of which are outlined in this mini guide.

Since everyone has their own personal preference, the guide is meant to impartially outline the pros and cons of each model. Because of the superior construction of the sinks, the available options are all relatively high-priced. This is a reflection of the craftsmanship and quality of the materials rather than overpricing.

They are priced based on the weight and quality of the materials, which each company has taken great care to put together. With the lifetime warranties available with each product, consumers will have plenty of time to enjoy their new sink and all it has to offer. Here is the final list, with some great ones available from both Kraus and Blanco.

Top 4 Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks

Kraus KHU102-33 33 inch Undermount Kitchen Sink

Kraus KHU102-33 33 inch Undermount 50 50 Double Bowl 16 gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Kraus KHU102-33

  • 50/50 Double Bowl
  • Satin Finish
  • Rectangle Shape
  • Undermount Installation Type
  • 30" x18" x 10"

The Kraus KHU102-33 is a high-priced kitchen sink that really emphasizes the importance of durability. It uses T-304 stainless steel with thick rubber dampening pads and a stone guard undercoating to provide you with the perfect balance of strength and sound insulation. Drainage is quick and won't falter after heavy use due to the channel grooves. As if the solid mechanics of the sink weren’t enough, Kraus added 16 gauge steel to increase the strength and longevity of the sink.

Both bowls are deep with a corrosion resistant surface that protects against rust and oxidation. Also included is dual stainless steel bottom grids, a drain assembly, and a basket strainer. Soft bumpers protect the bottom grids from scratching, increasing the product's longevity with heavy use. All of the mounting hardware is included in the package for installation, and it is certified by the UPC, cUPC, IPC, ANSI, IAPMO, and SCC. The sink length is 32 3/4 inches while the width and depth are 19 and 10 inches, respectively. As the first item on the list, Kraus really went all out to provide one of the best available models.

Blanco 511-702 Diamond Equal Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

Blanco 511-702 Diamond Equal Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

Blanco 511-702

  •  80% solid granite
  • Bowl depths: 9-1/2in & 9-1/2in
  • Undermount installation
  • Anthracite color
  • Heat resistant 

Although available in only one color — anthracite — the Blanco 511-702 Diamond Equal Double Bowl Kitchen Sink is  incredible value, even at the high asking price. It measures a spacious 32 x 19 ¼ inches, giving you ample room in both bowls. The individual bowls measure 14 ½ x 17 x 9 ½ inches, so they are both deep.

The structure is comprised of 80% granite with some extra material added to make it feel like natural stone. If the look of this sink doesn’t get you, then the feel certainly will once you start using it. Because of the materials, it is resistant to scratching and chipping, more so than its stainless steel counterparts. It is built to resist most stains in the household and is heat resistant up to an incredible 536 degrees.

Blanco takes its products seriously and backs them with a limited lifetime warranty that is just as good as the bigger brands. This heavy undermount kitchen sink is very sturdy but is less likely to break glass, so definitely comes recommended. The current price point is just right for you to go and pick one up today.

Blanco 440180 Diamond 1-3 4-Inch Bowl

Blanco 440180 Diamond Kitchen Sink

Blanco 440180

  • 80% solid granite
  • Bowl depths: 9-1/2'' & 8''
  • Required outside cabinet: 36''
  • 46.00 lbs weight
  • Highly resistant to scratching

Blanco shows their versatility with this Blanco 440180 Diamond 1-3/4-Inch Bowl, a high-priced innovative take on undermount kitchen sinks. The left-side bowl is 9 ½ inches deep and  the right-side is 8 inches. It is a unique little setup with one bowl being bigger than the other, and is a really creative design for the right buyer.

Composed of 80% granite, the use of Silgranit material makes the entire granite feel natural to the touch while also being resistant to scratching and chipping. Included with the installation are undermount clips to help set everything up and a clear instruction manual with step-by-step instructions. The included template with cutout provides the exact measurements you need to complete the project.

Like all Blanco products, it is backed by a limited lifetime warranty with fantastic customer support worldwide. While being in the business for almost a century can jade some companies, Blanco continues to pump out strikingly good-looking products that everyone wants to get their hands on. Both available colors of white and café brown come with the highest recommendation.

Kraus KHU103-33 Kitchen Sink

Kraus KHU103-33 Kitchen Sink

Kraus KHU103-33

  • 33-Inch 16 Gauge
  • Undermount 60/40 Double Bowl
  • 10" depth
  • NoiseDefend Techonology
  • Stainless Steel material

Getting back to Kraus, this high-priced sink really does a wonderful job of getting value for the customer. The infamous T-304 stainless steel materials integrated with thick rubber show that you can have a powerful stainless steel sink without all the noise. Finishing it off with a stone guard undercoating furthers its sound dampening abilities and really makes it stronger than most on the list.

The size of the bowl is immense, measuring 10 inches deep with a length of 32.75 and width of 19 inches. It is one of the bigger ones on the list which is why it weighs so much at 43 pounds. Despite the commercial grade materials, the satin finish with rounded corners gives it a really upscale look.

The accessories included with this purchase are the real highlights, such as a basket strainer, dual stainless steel bottom grids, and a drain assembly. Add in the mounting hardware and you have a really great deal that cements Kraus as a market leader. For a heavy duty sink that will last you for years, this model from Kraus is sure to fit the bill.

Kraus KBU24 32 inch Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Kraus KBU24 Kitchen Sink

Kraus KBU24

  • Undermount installation
  • 60/40 Double Bowl
  • 16 gauge Stainless Steel
  • Min. Cabinet Size: 36”
  • NoiseDefend Technology

Last on the list is a medium-priced model from Kraus for those that want something that's easier on their wallet. It still features T-304 stainless steel construction with the same sound dampening materials that made the other Kraus products so formidable on this list. The satin finish is less impressive in this version, but overall the sink has the same scratch and stain resistance as the other models in their lineup.

Maintenance is easier with this sink than others due to the rounded corners, making sure that nothing gets caught in the creases. The sink is certified by UPC, cUPC, IPC, ANSI, IAPMO and SCC with a limited lifetime warranty from Kraus. Using the included cutout template and instructions will make the installation quick and smooth reagardless of your technical ability. The bowls are split 60/40, with the left-side one being the larger of the two.

The length of the sink is 32 inches with a width of 20.63 and a depth of 9 inches, so even with the lower price, buyers are not losing a lot of space. If you want to save a little money or would rather go for something slightly smaller, this sink will be the perfect fit in your kitchen.

Undermount Kitchen Sink Buying Guide

Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks

Top Brands: Kraus and Blanco

The two companies have a very different history, mostly because Blanco has German roots going back as far as 85 years while the USA company Kraus is new but has exploded onto the scene with some of the most unique European innovated designs the market has ever seen.

Both companies take themselves very seriously, and the best way to describe the difference between the two is the style and materials they use. Blanco excels at making traditional granite sinks that are second to none, while Kraus excels at creating reinforced durable steel sinks with added modern touches. Blanco has a slight edge with styling and continues to produce some of the most inspirational products on the market. Customers should definitely keep their eye on Kraus to see how they perform and if they can continue to innovate.

Steel vs. Granite?

This is the big question that is asked by many, answered by few. The best way to break it down is to compare the strengths and weaknesses of both. Starting with which is more scratch resistant, granite wins by a landslide. Grids were introduced a while back to minimize scratches on stainless steel sinks, but there will still always be the issue of scratches and nicks here and there.

This of course means that granite is a lot more durable than even the strongest stainless steel, regardless of the company. Claims of incredibly strong steel is still valid, but does not compare to granite. Where stainless steel wins is with its many configuration options and colors, many of which aren’t available to granite sink makers.

There are twice as many manufacturers of stainless steel sinks than granite, giving customers endless project options without limitations. To sum up, for durability you want a granite sink, but for customization you want a stainless steel sink.

Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks

Pricing Note

A great kitchen sink will always start at a medium price point, with lower priced items lacking in quality and structure. It is rare to get a kitchen sink worth anything if it is low priced, so beware of companies offering low priced alternatives as the materials are likely not up to par of those mentioned on this list. Also, beware of overpriced sinks that are not from reputable companies as the lifetime warranty is the most important aspect for a consumer that has an issue or complaint.

Undermount Kitchen Sinks Comparison Chart

SinkInstallation Method Finish Material RatingPrice
Kraus StandartUndermountSatin Stainless Steel 9$$$
Blanco 511-702UndermountN/AGranite9$$$
Blanco 440180 DiamondUndermountWhite Granite / Stone Sinks 8$$$
Kraus Standart PROUndermountSatin Stainless Steel 9$$
Kraus KBU24UndermountSatin Stainless Steel 9$$


There is a lot of variety on this list when choosing between granite and stainless steel sinks, with a lot of great choices from both Kraus and Blanco. If buying a new sink and you don’t have a new kitchen faucet yet, then consider purchasing one as the market is booming and has a lot of interesting options to choose from. The choice should come down to value rather than price. No matter what company you go with, as long as it fits your needs, you’ll be in good hands.

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