Danze Kitchen Faucet Reviews – Complete Guide

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Last Updated: November 4, 2020
By: Charles Cole

As one of the lesser known brands, Danze has had to fight its way into the market by selling products of such high build quality that it rivals the bigger name companies. Danze earns its spot by taking risks with some completely different types of kitchen faucet options, pushing the envelope where others have played it safe.

Some of Danze's best work happens when it is trying something daring, and the end result is usually such a work of art that the community wonders why it isn't daring more often. On top of great products, the company offers great support, which has helped it to rise to where it is today.

Danze offers a wonderful alternative to users that want to try something new with kitchen faucets rather than the tried and true brands. Many customers have commended them for offering something different without skipping out on quality, which is key to maintaining a great brand. Below is a list of some of the best products the company has to offer, with some important information to help you decide if this is the model for you. There are really good options on this list, with the best saved for last.

Top 4 Danze Kitchen Faucets

Danze D455158SS Parma Single Handle Pre-Rinse Faucet

Danze D455158SS Parma Single Handle Pre-Rinse Faucet

Danze D455158SS Parma

  • 1/2-Inch 14 NPS connection
  • Ceramic disc valve
  • Spout measures 22-3/4-Inch high
  • Spring-action wand
  • Two function spray

First up on the list is this high-priced commercial style kitchen faucet that is part of the popular Danze line. It is available in both stainless steel and chrome, although, upon a closer look, both look quite similar. But the strength of this product isn’t its design, its the features and sheer power.

Dripping and smooth turning are supported through the ceramic disc valve — one of the most well-built available in a kitchen faucet of this size. You’ll have access to both the aerated and stream spray functions of the spray head with a spout that measures 22 ¾ inches high and 10 inches long on a spring action wand. It is everything you would want in a kitchen faucet with the same build quality you would find in an upscale restaurant.

There are several optional accessories purchased separately that would really compliment this product — such as a soap dispenser and pot filler — that, when paired with the price of the kitchen faucet, make for a pretty sweet deal. The faucet meets ADA requirements with its single lever design and is compliant with the low lead requirements of California AB 1953 and Vermont Act 193. Since the build quality of this kitchen faucet is so high, the limited lifetime warranty will most likely not need to be used. If you want power with a nice design, then look no further than this kitchen faucet.

Danze D409012SS Melrose Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

Danze D409012SS Melrose Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

Danze D409012SS Melrose

  • Stainless steel finish
  • Ceramic disc valve
  • Danze four hole mount
  • Spout is 11 1/2 inches tall
  • Brass material

Speaking of sweet deals, coming in at a surprising mid-price point is this wonderful package that incorporates everything you’d want in a kitchen faucet and more. Available in chrome or stainless steel, this 4-hole mount kitchen faucet is the complete package and includes a brass soap and lotion dispenser with matching pull-out spray.

It is a remarkable deal that not a lot of companies offer, so you should definitely jump on this while it’s hot. The spout is 11 ½ inches tall and 8 ¼ inches long striking a nice balance between height and length. With its all-brass construction, it is made to last for years with minimal wear, and consumers will love that on further inspection, it even swivels from the base.

Despite the design, the flow rate is still very high at 2.2 GPM. Additionally, when installing this 4-hole design, it turns out to be one of the easiest of its kind. This transitional style will work well in many homes and is a bargain at the current price. This is one of Danze’s best and definitely deserves a spot on this list.

Danze D457144SS Como Single-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Danze D457144SS Como Single-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Danze D457144SS Como

  • Single hole mount
  • Spout measures 14 1/2-inch high
  • Ceramic disc valve
  • Standard Head Style
  • Quiet running hose

Available in chrome and stainless steel, this high-priced kitchen faucet is the highest priced item in Danze’s lineup thanks to its one-of-a-kind features. The built-in ceramic disc valve allows for smooth operation of the water flow and temperature and is one of the better looking one-lever designs today. It has a very modern look — no easy feat considering the simple design of the faucet.

There is a simple but functional pull-down spout with an aerated stream option that runs quiet as a whisper and pulls back into place with spring retraction. The spout is 14 ¾ inches high and 9 inches long so it is suitable for larger sinks and kitchens in general. Considering the available colors in comparison to other products in Danze's line, this model really stands out.

Whether it's down to the contemporary design or the finish, the product is the best looking that the company has to offer. Included with the faucet are necessary hardware and a manual that shows just how quick it can be to set up. The unit maintains the same high flow rate of 2.2 GPM that the company has become famous for, and is well worth the high price tag.

Danze D151557BS Opulence Single Handle Bar Faucet

Danze D151557BS Opulence Single Handle Bar Faucet

Danze D151557BS Opulence

  • Single post mount
  • Ceramic disc valve
  • 3/8-Inch OD inlet
  • 2-Inch maximum deck thickness
  • 9-3/4-Inch high swivel spout

Last on the list is the upscale medium-priced Danze D151557BS Opulence, that stands head and shoulder above the rest. This is Danze's most ambitious design and comes in black satin, antique copper, chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, stainless steel, and tumbled bronze. This is the only product in its lineup with this many color options, all of which have a distinct and personal look.

The high swivel spout is 9 ¾ inches high with a reach of 5 ½ inches. Thanks to its design, it is ideal for both small and large sinks, giving you a lot of rooms to play with. This faucet has a traditional feel so any consumer that wants to match similar décor will grab this item. As a result of majorly successful sales following its launch, this product is hard-to-get and increasingly coveted so it might be difficult to track down in certain areas.

That’s usually the case with these vintage styles that get popular, and this one from Danze is no exception. The all-brass material comes with a limited lifetime warranty but is fully backed by the company. Buyers may not consider this if their kitchen doesn’t match, but for those that do, this is the deal of a lifetime.

What Is Danze?

This young company was created in 2001, making it one of the youngest companies in the industry of such success. From the beginning, it came into the market to innovate and showed promise by introducing the popular Opulence kitchen faucet, which is also its first collection to have over 5 different finishes.

Danze came into a well-established market as a unique high-achiever. Over the years, it has won several awards and honors including the 2009 Innovation award from Home Builder Executive Magazine and Best Luxury Products by Custom Builder. The company recently updated its brand identity and website in 2012, breathing some fresh air into an already popular brand. With that update came a host of different products for the bathroom, kitchen, and even for professionals.

Danze is used widely in both commercial and residential settings, with their Danze D455158SS Parma possibly being one of the best commercial kitchen faucets available for home use. It's been argued that Danze's version of this faucet is the one to beat for now and the foreseeable future. Their customer support is easy to get a hold of through phone or email and has one of the shortest wait times going for a company of that size.

It is also an international-friendly company and keeps Saturday hours available for people who can’t make contact during the weekday. To help out consumers new to kitchen faucet installation, it even has helpful installation and "how to" videos, without the typical cheesiness you expect from other brands. These videos are straight to the point and skip the nonsense. Danze is not shy about touting how great it is, and even features a page called "get inspired".

Things to Know About Danze

Although it is very unique in its designs and approach to the industry as a whole, Danze's colors are not usually the most vibrant. Opulence and a couple of other models are exceptions; usually the company plays it safe with its color options offering an average looking chrome or stainless steel. This is baffling since the company is so forward thinking, and sometimes dulls the design of an otherwise spectacular product.

Some consumers have complimented the installation process and compared it to big brand Moen in terms of simplicity saying that it didn’t require a level of expertise that some other brands did. Even without the how-to videos on their website, a Danze product is one of the easiest things you will ever install when it comes to appliances.

Danze's kitchen faucets are priced competitively, so they are mostly in the same price range as Moen and other big brands. This can be disconcerting for customers not familiar with the brand, but rest assured, the quality is on par or even better. Danze has one of the most popular selling designs in the industry with the Opulence line, and it was that model that really made the company a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Danze Kitchen Faucet Comparison Chart

FaucetsFlow Rate Style Material RatingPrice
Danze D455158 ParmaN/AContemporary Brass 8$$
Danze D409012SS MelroseN/AContemporary Brass 6$$
Danze D457144 ComoN/AN/AChrome 7N/A
Danze D151557BS OpulenceN/AContemporary Brass 7N/A


This concludes the list of some of the best offerings from Danze, with some really interesting choices that have sold a lot of units. The 2 really great standouts on the list are the Danze D151557BS Opulence and the Danze D409012SS Melrose. These 2 unique kitchen faucets show why the company is so highly regarded by both peers and consumers. Those 2 products alone are enough to put any company on the map, yet they are just 2 products in a lineup of many from Danze.

The prices are fair enough to justify purchasing and Danze's warranties are as good as any bigger company warranty. As more kitchen faucets get made each year, the market will evolve enough for the company to innovate even more, hopefully experimenting with motion detection sooner rather than later. A great motion-activated faucet from this company would be killer and would hopefully inspire other smaller companies. If you want the best of both worlds when it comes to kitchen faucets, then give Danze's kitchen faucets and its other products a try - you won’t be disappointed.

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