Delta Faucet T3559LF-WL Trinsic Review

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Last Updated: November 6, 2020
By: Charles Cole

When it comes to bathroom fixtures, simplicity can be a virtue. Few faucets embody this principle more than the Delta Trinsic. It’s an elegant and functional fixture that will complement the design of just about any bathroom. It doesn’t come loaded with extra features, instead focusing on getting the basics right.

The faucet has a a simple two piece design that mounts directly to the wall. The elegant lines of the spout and the minimalist build make this the perfect faucet for any contemporary style bathroom. The spout produces a focused stream of water that is great for brushing your teeth and shaving.

Delta Faucet T3559LF-WL Trinsic

Delta Trinsic

  • Five Types of Finishes
  • 2-Hole Wall Mount Installation
  • WaterSense Labeled
  • Minimalistic
  • Easy to Install

The faucet is although very well built. Delta are known for making sturdy, reliable faucets that last for years, and that’s what you’ll get with the Trinsic. It withstands scratches, corrosion, and flaking, showing no signs of wear after years of use.

The Delta will cost a bit more than comparable faucets. However, it more than makes up for this price tag with its style, performance, and durability. If you want a modern faucet that makes a quiet statement, the Delta is an excellent option.

Key Features

The Delta Trinsic has a simple, linear design that makes it perfect for more modern bathrooms. It has a polished, metallic shine that draws your attention, without being too flashy.

The Delta is designed with functionality and space saving in mind. It mounts directly to the wall over your sink. The spout and the handle attach separately, and give the faucet a light, minimalist profile.

The L shaped spout is fairly narrow, producing a focused stream of water. The flow of the water is just right for daily grooming activities, from brushing teeth and washing your fash to shaving.

The handle of the faucet is responsive, allowing you to precisely control the flow of water with a gentle pull. You can also nudge it slightly if you want to turn the water off, and the handle will slowly move to the off position.

Although the spout and handle are simple, they are well built. The surface of the faucet is scratch and corrosion proof, and it will hold up to years of use without any noticeable marks. When installed properly, the wall mounts form a tight seal, so water won’t get behind your walls.

The faucet has also been certified by WaterSense, meaning you’ll conserve hundreds of gallons of water every year. This helps you cut down on water waste, as well as significantly reduce your water bill. With the Trinsic, you may be able to use 20% less water per years. Over the life of the faucet, this can add up to substantial savings on your water bill.

Pros and Cons


  • Elegant, minimalist design
  • Focused stream of water
  • Easy wall mounting
  • Durable build
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • A bit expensive
  • Hard to install in deep walls

Things To Know

The faucet comes in five colors: matte black, chrome, Venetian bronze, Champagne bronze, and stainless.

The Delta does not come with a drain, which must be purchased separately. Delta do sell a matching drain, if you want one that complements your faucet. The faucet is part of Delta’s Trinsic line, which features a number of other bathroom pieces in a similar style.

The spout and handle can be mounted on walls that are ⅛” to 1 ⅛” deep. They are designed to be mounted 4-8” away from each other.

The faucet also comes with Delta’s lifetime limited warranty. If the faucet ever has problems due to routine use, the company will repair it or replace it.


The Delta is a bit more expensive than other wall mounted faucets with similar features. However, it’s a good value when you consider the quality of the materials and their durability. This is a faucet that is designed to last you many years.

There is some variation in price between the different finishes. The chrome faucet has the lowest price of the 5 options. Other finishes, such as Champagne bronze, cost almost twice as much, while still having the exact same features.


The Delta Trinsic is about as simple as it gets for a bathroom faucet. With elegant design and great functionality, it’s an excellent finishing piece for just about any bathroom. It will look great in stylish modern settings with minimalist furniture, but can still be used in more traditional homes.

You also get plenty of performance from the Trinsic. The spout produces a steady stream of focused water, so you’ll have enough water pressure for your bathroom routine. The faucet won’t corrode from exposure to water, and it absorbs scratches bumps easily without any scratches or signs of wear.

With a durable build and a limited lifetime warranty, the Delta will last you for years. It’s a great choice if you need simple faucet that will seamlessly integrate with your existing decor.

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