Dura Faucet RV Kitchen Faucet Review

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Last Updated: January 3, 2021
By: Charles Cole

Dura Faucet is a company that specializes in faucets for RV’s. This may seem like a niche industry, but they provide a really important product for worldwide consumption. This low-cost Goose Neck design is one of their best selling of all time. A little bit of care went into making sure it was a perfect fit for most RV setups. You get a painless install and the quality of a top tier faucet all in one package.

Dura doesn’t make a ton of products like its competitors in the other parts of the industry, so what’s available has to count. That is why the features of this model are so packed with goodies from top to bottom. You’ll get more than your money’s worth, and the design won’t disappoint.

Dura Faucet DF-NMK301-SN RV Gooseneck Kitchen Faucet

Dura Faucet DF-NMK301-SN RV

  • 2 Gallons Per Minute
  • Brushed Satin Nickel
  • 2.30 lbs weight
  • Metallic Finish
  • Best for RV

The is a nice comparison when sticking to RV competition. The company follows the same nice design aesthetics of Dura but makes the entire unit more compact. This is an attractive feature if you’re short on space but need to make one final upgrade. For an RV kitchen faucet, the Dura model is one of the better deals available at its size.


  • Extremely low priced
  • Gooseneck style spruces up your RV kitchen
  • Good quality for an RV themed kitchen faucet
  • Compatible with any two-hole sink opening
  • CUPC-certified
  • Finish holds up after years of abuse
  • Full 360-degree movement
  • Faucet handle is firm with clear markings for temperature


  • 2.2 GPM is on the high side for this faucet

Key Features

With an RV kitchen faucet, you expect the biggest features to be around space savings and water flow. This model is a little different from what you would expect, and takes on the features of a modern home kitchen faucet. There are some pros and cons to such a design made for an enclosed space, but for the most part, this is a winning deal for the price. Buyers that like the features of this product may rethink how they purchase other RV components in the future. This kitchen faucet isn’t a game changer, but it does make you think differently about previous purchases.

Strong Construction

When a product says heavy duty construction, it can either be buzz words or the real deal. With this product, consumers are getting the real deal. Stainless steel is always tough, and makes up the majority of the construction with this kitchen faucet. You’ll never feel like it will fall apart or break when using it. Take the time to run your hand along the entirety of the product and it will really cement itself as a great deal. The only time you have to worry about it breaking is when the installation is done on an unstable surface. Other than that, you will have no troubles at all.

Reliable Valve Type

With a steel ball valve type, this Dura model is set to give you the best performance yet. Leaks and corrosion will be the last thing on your mind when using this faucet. The spherical disc in this case was made with the idea that it would be used while in motion. So even if you’re taking a sharp turn while operating the faucet, operation will remain normal. With such a strong valve type, replacement of specific parts is less of an issue. Normal wear and tear will still do its work, but there should be no nasty surprises. Without a doubt, this is one of the strongest components on this faucet.

Nice Design

No one is going to be handing out design awards for this kitchen faucet. But there won’t be a lot of complaints, either. This is as ‘RV’ a look as you can get, so it fits into all types of kitchen schemes. Dura didn’t really go all out when it came to making this look like a modern unit. That may have played to its strength, since this model seems to fit into old and new RV kitchens. Buyers that don’t want to change up their scheme too much will like this design. If they did anything more with it, then you’d lose a lot of compatibility with the looks.

Plenty of Room To Move

When adding components to an RV, space is the first thing you need to consider. This kitchen faucet uses most of its space with height at ten inches. The rest of the gooseneck design is space saving, and will satisfy a lot of installers. With full 360 rotation, Dura guarantees you get the most out of the space available. How much space you can actually save will depend on the space between the initial install holes. An extra half inch here or there is small, but will make a huge difference in the overall fit.

Quick Installation

Imagine climbing in your RV for a short trip and having problems with the current kitchen faucet. In an emergency situation, there are many things the kitchen faucet can be helpful towards. The installation of this Dura model is so easy that a secondary passenger can do a full install on a short trip without you having to stop. It is unthinkable at first, but this is very much beginner friendly in the install department. If this is your first time installing a kitchen faucet, then count your lucky stars.

Warranty Is Reliable

When you’re on the road, anything can happen in the RV. Whether it is an accident or not, it is important to have good coverage on the appliances. A limited lifetime warranty is included that will cover all of the important parts of the faucet. You’ll be in good hands when something goes wrong, with a customer service line that shows compassion to buyers. The process is pretty standard if you’ve dealt with bigger companies, so it really isn’t magic. It just so happens that Dura does it in a way that is memorable to thousands of their customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will It Break Easily?

No, it will hold up fine with normal wear and tear conditions. That includes the extra wear and tear of operating in a moving RV. Dura products are tough and last for hundreds of short and long trips. The handle has the same level of operability, and is just as strong as the faucet itself.

Is It Easy To Operate?

Left for hot right for cold. Doesn’t get any simpler than that! There is enough give in either directions so that you can get variable temperatures when moving it. They made it a little tighter than a normal faucet so that you have better control while moving. Never again will you have to worry about getting burned when the driver takes a sharp turn.

Is The Customer Service Any Good?

Dura comes highly rated, with a large portion of the support getting recommendations for warranty services. In the unlikely event you need help with the installation, support is very knowledgeable when dealing with general issues. They should be more than equipped for any other questions you have concerning your current Dura product or future purchases.

Will They Introduce New Colors?

No, it is very unlikely. Currently the only colors are brushed satin nickel and venetian bronze. The colors are balanced enough to where they can fit in either a light or dark theme. Painting over these is not recommended, and could tarnish the quality of the original finish. There is even a chance that the new paint job won’t hold due to the materials used for the original finish.

Can Dura Faucets Be Trusted?

Dura is still America’s leading OEM and aftermarket RV faucet specialist. They have the years of experience needed to make a competent product and a catalog that keeps growing. With Dura, it is a safe bet that the product will be spectacular.

What Does The Customer Say?

Doesn’t Come With Hoses But Is Still A Good Buy

A complaint about the product is that it doesn’t come with hot or cold inlet hoses. This is needed to finish an installation in certain setups, but wasn’t included since RV plumbing varies. There is such a major difference from one RV to the next that comparing it to a normal kitchen install would be futile. Despite the lack of the hoses, customers were happy with the purchase. They were just warning potential customers to be prepared since the wording isn’t 100% clear on the box that the kitchen faucet is without these hoses. You should already have them with your original faucet, and if needed can purchase the correct ones for cheap.

Cartridge Replacements Are A Good Value

When the time comes to replace the cartridge, buyers use DF-RK650. When asked about the replacement, customers remarked that it took a long time before they even had to consider replacing their originals. In some cases, the cartridge outlasted the lifecycle of their other disposable appliances before it needed to be changed. This is a major advantage when you’re on the road a lot and don’t have any spare cartridges available. Instead of having to deal with an ineffective kitchen faucet until you swap it out, you can travel without worries since it is a long-lasting component.

Easiest Install Ever

Beginners had no trouble dealing with the install process. The only time it caused problems was when they didn’t prepare for the exclusion of hoses. For some they planned again, and for others it was a shock. In this instance, a negative review was left because of the inconvenience. Not having hoses included is not an issue isolated to Dura. With better communication on the issue, it wouldn’t even be a problem. Despite this minor hiccup, customers that were prepared finished the install without any outside help needed.

Only Two Colors But They Look Great

This was the most commented feature about the Dura faucet. Customers that were coming from home kitchen faucets were upset about the limited amount of colors available. They were still impressed with the two that the company offered since it was an acceptable balance between light and dark themes. Having a few more colors (usually bright tones) would have helped out a lot in RV’s that had mixed interiors.

Less Plastic than Other Products

Stainless steel and brass make up the majority of the faucet. That is why it is a lot more durable than competing RV faucets with the same features. With the internals and external materials being so tough against damage, buyers have remarked that it is a solid change from what they’re used to. With multiple strong materials in one product, it is less likely to break from overuse. And for a product that is so low priced, getting quality materials for it is a big deal. Customers that purchased this over a competing brand made note of the quality and price.

Final Words

With a price that is just right for the RV customer base, Dura really did a good job marketing. This is a good purchase for RV owners that want a kitchen faucet that’s easy to install. It has high compatibility, so there should be no trouble installing it in the vehicle of your choice. But then there is the competitor to consider, a WeWe model that has gained good coverage. Where the WeWe single handle high arc shines is with a slightly lower price and more space saving layout. This is why WeWe’s model is comparable to Dura’s, with a slight edge going to the latter for their fuller feature set.

Dura has given loyal consumers more than enough reason to consider their product the superior choice. It is long lasting, has a good design and is backed by a reliable customer service program. The only downsides are the high flow rate and the lack of different colors. These are small cons in an otherwise great product, one that is priced just right for every potential buyer. This Dura model will satisfy your RV needs in more than one way when it comes to building the perfect kitchen.

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