Fleck Water System Review

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Last Updated: January 3, 2021
By: Charles Cole

The right water softener system can be hard to find, especially if you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars. If you’re looking for an affordable, high capacity water system the Fleck is an excellent option. It’s one of the best values you’ll find, given the amount of water it can produce.

The system features alternating tanks that keep a steady flow of soft water. The 96,000 grain capacity tank is efficient, making the most of resin and salt to save you money.

The system is also really easy to use, with only a few buttons on its digital meter. You should be able to install it yourself without too many issues, as the installation guide is clear and detailed.

Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener

Fleck Water System

  • Digital on-demand Metered
  • 48,000 grain
  • Includes Fleck bypass valve 
  • 20.7 pounds weight
  • Made in the USA

This is a big unit with quite a lot of water capacity. If you live in a small home and don’t use that much water, it probably won’t be worth the asking price. But if you need a system that can produce enough water for 4-8 people, this is a great option.

Key Features

The Fleck water system uses alternating tanks to maximize water capacity. This allows it to pump out an impressive 20 gallons of water per minute, making it a suitable water softener for larger households.

The system regenerates water based on usage rather than time, so the tanks will automatically begin to refill if you run out of water. The system does better than most other water softeners at removing calcium and magnesium, so you’ll see barely any water spots on dishes. It also helps prevent limescale better than just about any other water softener in its price range.

The digital metered head is simple and comes with only a few controls. But that’s all you’ll need, and the buttons are all responsive, so making adjustments to the system is easy.

The large brine tank has a high capacity that lets you store quite a bit of salt. Refilling a water system is a bit of a hassle, so fortunately you won’t have to do it often with the Fleck.

The Fleck water system comes with a detailed instruction guide that walks you through every step of the installation process. The whole process should only take you a few hours, if you choose to setup the system yourself.

Fleck’s customer service is also responsive if you have any issues with your system. The generous warranty gives you 5 years for the valves and 10 for the tanks.

Pros and Cons


  • Efficient 96,000 grain capacity tanks
  • Produces up to 20 gallons per minute
  • Dual tanks alternate, so there’s always water
  • Easy to use controls
  • Durable valves and tanks
  • Great warranty policy


  • A bit bulky

Things To Know

You can choose from a black or blue option, both of which usually retail for the same price.

The Fleck comes fully assembled and ready for installation. It also comes pre loaded with resin, so you’ll just have to add salt before you begin running it. The bypass is also included, although you may need compression fillings if you want to connect the system to certain supply lines. The brine tank can hold a maximum of 350 pounds of salt.

Expert installation is available when you order the system. However, the installation feel alone will cost about a third of the price of the system.

The 5 year valve and the 10 year tank warranty cover any manufacturing defects.


The Fleck water system has a high capacity tank with quick regeneration. That means it’s fairly expensive compared to other systems. However, it does offer a good value when you consider the volume of water you get. It’s also quite efficient, so you’ll save money on salt across the lifespan of the system.


The Fleck is one of the best all around high capacity water systems out there. It produces an impressive 20 gallons of soft water per minute, and it’s 96,000 grain capacity tanks are efficient, so you’ll save lots of money on salt over the life of the system.

The dual tanks also alternate so that there is always water available. Unlike many other water systems, the Fleck regenerates based on how much water is in the tank, rather than on a timer. This means you always have water when you need it. It’s also gentler on the environment, as you use less salt.

The Fleck is easy to install, with a comprehensive instruction guide that walks you through the process. Should you have any issues, customer service responds quickly and can provide tech support.

It’s not the best option if you have a small 1-2 person house and don’t need large tanks. But if you live in a multi person home with a lot of water consumption, it’s a worthwhile investment.

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