Grohe 30295DC0 Essence New Semi-Pro Single Handle Kitchen Faucet Review

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Last Updated: November 6, 2020
By: Charles Cole

If Grohe doesn’t sound familiar, then take the time to look at what they have been doing for the past few years. Grohe is a popular company with a large growing customer base. The introduction of the Essence to their catalog is another way for them to drum up record-breaking sales. With the Essence they may have found one of their flagship products for years to come. It follows the popular goose-neck design of leading companies like Moen and Kohler. The difference is Grohe added their own little twist with the look and finish. It is different enough to stand out but doesn’t do anything that would affect its functionality. The Essence is a good-looking mid-priced kitchen faucet that is several dollars less than the luxury brands it is pitted against. Grohe created this model with elegance in mind, and they hit their mark 100x over. The company already has an award for design in their cabinets, so the arrival of Essence may gain them a lot more recognition. However, there are more quality products by Grohe that can be considered for the kitchen.

Grohe 30295DC0 Essence New Semi-Pro Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

Grohe 30295DC0 Essence

  • 1.75 Gallons per Minute
  • Deck Mounted installation
  • Brass material
  • 8 pounds weight
  • Matte finish


  • Good looking gooseneck kitchen faucet with multiple styles
  • Luxury features without the associated high price of competitors
  • Available in Starlight Chrome and Supersteel Infinity finish
  • Highly resistant against leaks and lime scale
  • Dual sprayhead with multiple functions.
  • 75 GPM is a good rate to save on water consumption
  • Magnetic docking snaps the sprayhead back in place when it isn’t being used
  • Tons of room for washing dishes thanks to the generous clearance


  • Installation instructions may be difficult for beginners to follow

Key Features

Some of the below features may surprise consumers that have been comparing the Essence with higher priced models. There are a few high-end features on this product that are really well done. With the Essence you are getting a kitchen faucet that prioritizes sustainability and technology while also taking a few risks with its design. This is a step in the right direction for any company that wants to impress new users of their product.

Cutting Edge Design

Grohe describes the design as ‘delicate’, which is a very good way of looking at the Essence. Using the standard gooseneck design, they take it a step further by adding their own touch. You get a great looking product in starlight chrome or the Supersteel Infinity finish. The latter is the best looking of the two, and separates it from nearly every other kitchen faucet in the industry. It is slightly more expensive to get the Supersteel Infinity finish, but well worth it if you have an eye for design. Both colors still put the Essence in the mid-priced category.

A Matching Set For The Whole Home

The Essence has available options for other parts of the home like the bathroom. It is an entire set of different types of faucets utilizing different sizes and styles. It is almost unfair to call it a set, as the Essence line expands into multiple categories of faucets only. This is a lot different from Victorian or Old Country Lines that transcends faucets and acts as a whole home option. The Essence won’t be the bulk of your theme but it will enhance what you already have. Think of it as a way to complete a kitchen that doesn’t have a set theme it needs to follow.

Grohe Starlight And SilkMove

Starlight and SilkMove are proprietary Grohe technologies that provide a unique user experience. StarLight is the surface technology used by the company that gives it that special glow. That is why Starlight Chrome looks so much different than competing brands version of chrome. It isn’t overly shiny, but instead has a distinct sparkle that makes it stand out. SilkMove describes their the technology that makes moving the faucet head effortless. It glides from one side to the next with a precision that is unmatched by other faucets in the same price range. This isn’t a tacked on feature; SilkMove is really something revolutionary at a fraction of the price.

Reliable Magnetic Dock

Usually when you hear about a magnetic dock it is in relation to the sidespray. There is no sidespray on the Essence since it is a pull down model. The magnetic dock in this instance rests in the middle of the faucet and keeps the spray head in place when it is not in use. There is a very satisfying feeling of placing it in the dock when you are done using the spray functions. If you let go at an angle, it will still snap back into place with very little force. The implementation of this technology is quite nice when you look at how it shapes the natural design of the Essence. It really wouldn’t be the same faucet without the magnetic dock.

Unique Pull Down Spray

There is a little bit of confusion with the spray type included with the Essence. It is a pull down model with a highly flexible base. That means you lose the reach of a pullout model, but keep the power that a pull down type provides. The spray can be toggled without turning off the water, a function of the dual spray feature. The flexible hose has just enough firmness so that you don’t have to struggle to move it around. Activating the spray while in motion can be done in one fluid movement with no strain at all on your part.

Grohe SpeedClean

The convenience of Grohe’s SpeedClean technology will leave you speechless. It makes the surface of the faucet highly resistant to lime scale, so much so that you can remove it with a single wipe. When cleaning the Essence, you no longer have to scrub to get it shiny again. This is especially useful in homes with hard water that are susceptible to buildup in short bursts. It will save you time, money and a lot of frustration. Overall, the cleanliness of the Essence seems to hold up well to more than just lime. But that has more to do with great build materials instead of the SpeedClean technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Pull Down Spray Powerful?

It is the same strength as the main faucet. Since it is an all in one system, you are basically extending the reach of the main faucet when you use the pull down spray. The only drawback is you sacrifice the hose length with a limited flexible hose. By all accounts, the pull down spray has about the same kick as other consumer grade pull down faucets that were modeled after their professional versions. So if you have weak water pipes in the house, this is exactly what you need to clean stubborn dish stains.

How Well Is The Water Handled?

The secret weapon of the Essence is the SilkMove ceramic cartridge. It is 28mm and guarantees a reliable flow rate in the 1.75 GPM range. You really see the effectiveness of the cartridge each time you change the water flow. Moving from low to high, changing temperatures and even using the pull down faucet is all done smoothly without a delay. You don’t have to worry about cartridge issues with the Essence, leading to a much better experience in heavy traffic households. To test out how it works, change the water rate within a span of a few seconds and you’ll notice how it glides with each movement.

Will The Magnet Wear Down Over Time?

All parts wear out at some point, and that is no different for the magnet on the Essence. However, it will be a very long time before that happens. It is more likely that other parts will fail long before the magnet dock loses its effectiveness. Because of the way the dock is nested, losing some of its magnetism won’t really affect the way the sprayhead handles. It will reset into place without flopping all over the place based on the natural design.

What Does The Customer Say?

Fantastic Upgrade For A Small Kitchen

Buyers that flip homes love this model for upgrades. It turns a blah kitchen into something special without blowing up the budget. The pull down sprayhead is a good pairing for deep sinks in a small kitchen. You’ll spend less time fighting for room and more time cleaning dishes. Homes with outdated kitchen faucets can consider the Essence a sizable upgrade for the cost.

Pleasing Aesthetics

The nice design of the Essence has turned a few buyers into fans of Grohe. The Supersteel Infinity finish has been regarded as a fantastic design choice for an already good-looking faucet. Consumers had no problem paying the extra premium to get this version, and it was preferred over Starlight Chrome. With such a unique design, it isn’t surprising that consumers would buy this for its stunning looks. The Essence does a fine job of looking good without being the centerpiece of the kitchen. In any theme it will fit right in without throwing off your original vision of the kitchen.

The Magnetic Dock Is The Best

Kids that can reach up and use this faucet have played with the magnetic dock more than the adults. Overuse isn’t an issue, and the magnetic dock is rated to last for multiple years before it even begins to degrade in power. It’s the perfect sidekick for the sprayhead, guiding it back into place when not in use. The dock sits at the center of the product without getting in the way. In a callback to the design, the magnetic dock is part of the great design that customers rave about. Without it, this would be a very different faucet.

Easy To Control

Pulldown faucets can cause strain on users with arthritis if they are too firm. This has been the major complaint of buyers that want to use the design but don’t have the hand/wrist strength to do it for prolonged periods of time. Buyers of the Essence don’t have that problem thanks to the flexible hose that has just enough give to go with your movement. There is no straining when pulling it down, and you can simply let go and let the magnetic dock snap it back in place. The flexible sprayhead is kid friendly, and can hold up to an extensive amount of abuse and daily use.

Cleaning It Only Takes A Few Seconds

Users that have homes with hard water deal with a lot of problems when they purchase luxury kitchen faucets. By not paying attention to buildup, they can damage the product before they get any significant use out of it. Owners of the Essence don’t have this problem since this model is easy to clean. Any buildup can be wiped away with a tissue without needing any deep scrubbing. This has helped the buying decision of households that have notorious water issues but find replacing the pipes to be too expensive.

Final Words

The powerful features of the Grohe Essence makes it a must buy for a many consumers. You can look at any of the other competitors with gooseneck designs like Moen and Kohler to get an idea of its current competition. Since it is a bit of a hybrid, the closest comparable unit would be the Kohler Sous Pro-Style. Kohler’s choice is a lot cheaper than Grohe and has a much more powerful spray. Where the Essence wins is that it is much more user friendly to users with weak wrists. It is easy to strain your hand with the Sous Pro-Style while the Essence glides to your movement like butter.

You also get a much more appealing design with the Essence instead of the typical restaurant pull down look of the Sous Pro-Style. In more ways than one, the Essence looks like an actual consumer grade kitchen faucet. It is as if they took the best parts of a professional pulldown kitchen faucet and adapted it into a consumer friendly design. This is a product from Grohe that shouldn’t be overlooked, and is deserving of way more attention than it is getting. Consider this one of the top five buys on any list if it fits your design scheme.

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