How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Faucet for Your Kitchen?

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Last Updated: January 3, 2021
By: Charles Cole

Buying Considerations

Going head first into buying a kitchen faucet can be a costly venture for the unprepared. Beyond the pitfalls that could lead to you calling in a plumber, is getting it installed only to see it’s not really what you want. The kitchen faucet decision should be treated with care since you’re dropping so much on one item. Every kitchen has its own little theme so tailoring your wants and needs to a specific type is vital in the search, as what your neighbor has may be completely different than what you need. Below are some of the main considerations when looking for a kitchen faucet that you can use efficiently. After reading the 5 sections you should have a better overall idea of what it is that would work best in your kitchen, and you may even get some ideas for some of your friends. Don’t be afraid to spread the word or even do some Christmas shopping! There is always someone that could use a great kitchen faucet.

Install Faucet

How to Install Faucet?

Take a good look at the area that you will be installing your new kitchen faucet into. Is there a faucet already there that needs to be replaced? Is this a completely new build that doesn’t have the hoses in place? And do you have a specific theme?

These are the questions you should be asking yourself when you want to purchase a kitchen faucet. And since not every brand is created equally, you’re going to need to decide on what install you want to do.

There is the generic install that requires some cleaning tools, a wrench, and some measuring tape. This is generally the most common, and should take you no more than an hour to complete, even if you’re doing a replacement. If going with a Moen type install, you’ll have to do a lot less because of their proprietary install technique that comes with everything you need in the box. This is best on fresh installs of new kitchens, but can also work with older ones. But with each install make sure you have a clear head on whether you will be going forward with a 1 hole system or 3. Things can get complicated if you mess up in that area and have to redo the install.

What Type of Sink Do You Have

What Type of Sink Do You Have?

This may come as a surprise to some people, but there is a variety of kitchen sink types other than stainless steel. Stainless steel makes up the bulk of the industry and is clearly the leader. It is installed in more homes than all the other sink types combined, a statistic that won’t be changing anytime soon.

Stainless steel is inexpensive to manufacture and extremely versatile, offering many double sink and single sink options at a great price. Their install types also have the same amount of versatility, allowing consumers to install them as a top mounted or even under mount.

Thicker steel is better but is not common unless you are buying a top notch brand. But the only benefit to buying high-quality stainless steel is the natural dampening effects of sound, as this is the loudest type you can get. That has been remedied over the years by padding and spray coating, although cheaper models may not have this. The downfall of a stainless steel kitchen sink is that it scratches more and shows water spots a lot clearer than the other types.

An interesting alternative to stainless steel is the composite line of kitchen sinks that are either made of granite and quartz composite. These are king when it comes to stain and scratch resistance, which is why they will definitely run you a couple of bucks. The materials that make up these tough sinks are known in the market to be the most durable available, so if the price drops enough to entice you then definitely think about investing. For consumers that have granite countertops and granite stoves, this will be a perfect addition to the collection and fit right in.

What Design Does Your Kitchen Sink Suit?

The design of a kitchen faucet will come into play when deciding if you are comfortable with the two lever or single lever system. As a reference, the two lever system is considered to be dying out, as the advantages of having it have been trimmed down to simply being able to use if one of the handles go out.

Single lever systems are so durable nowadays that that shouldn’t be an issue, and for the truly paranoid there is always the option of getting a motion controlled single lever system to completely bypass having to worry about it breaking. Traditionalists may still like the way a two lever system looks, though, as the market still caters and makes some of gorgeous kitchen faucets possible with the two lever system.

choosing a kitchen faucet

What Styles Should Prefer?

This is one of a more pleasing parts of choosing a kitchen faucet when it becomes all about matching it with your décor. Starting with modern, this is the style that has been most associated with the kitchen faucets that use motion detection. In a kitchen that ha all of the bells and whistles, why skip the kitchen faucet? The transitional style has a blend of both modern and traditional aesthetics, making up for the lack of technology with some of the most standout finishes available. Transitional styles usually have the most prominent finishes. Traditional isn’t as bland as it sounds and gets its inspirations from a lot of European kitchens in style.

What Features Are Essential?

The best new feature is always going to be motion detection. But even with that being the best feature, the must have feature is a kitchen faucet that comes with an escutcheon plate. That’s instant money savings in the box before you open it, and not a lot of brands offer it together with the kitchen faucet. Right underneath that in terms of importance if you plan to get a pull out or pull down spray head is a magnetic dock. If the kitchen faucet doesn’t have a magnetic dock, then it should at least have some kind of lock-in feature to prevent future sagging of the spray head.

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