iSpring L8205CHR Single Lever Pull Out Kitchen Faucet Review

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Last Updated: January 3, 2021
By: Charles Cole

Owning a commercial style kitchen faucet in a residential home has many perks. They are powerful, offer a lot of space under the faucet for bigger pots and pans, and some even have a full 360-degree swivel. iSpring L8205CHR Single Lever Pull Out Kitchen Faucet contains all of the features you may want in a commercial faucet.

iSpring L8205CHR Single Lever Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

iSpring L8205CHR

  • Budget Option
  • Chrome Finish
  • Solid Brass
  • Easy to Use
  • Powerfull

Product Overview

iSpring's premium single handle kitchen sink faucet is a product made to last for years. Made from brass and stainless steel, this is a durable product that combines functionality with reliability.

The brass body of the faucet is solid and promises long-lasting performance. It is also lead-free, which will go a long way towards keeping you and your family healthy for years to come. The valve is made of high-quality ceramic, and it is certified to be leak-free. The coating is thick and has a spot-resistant finish.

The design of this faucet falls into the industrial style kitchen faucet and is charmingly simple. It will fit most kitchens, merging together functionality and a hint of understated decor. The chrome coloring will suit any space, while the premium design will make your kitchen look stylish and professional.

iSpring created a kitchen sink faucet that is very easy to use. With just one button you are able to switch between a steady stream of water to a powerful spray, maintaining control of the entire faucet the whole time. It also has single-lever water and temperature control.

The faucet has a unique positionable sprayer holder - something not often found in commercial sinks. This feature frees up your hands, making it easy to get water that requires a non-vertical angle.

A Powerful Faucet Fit for Any Kitchen

iSpring's Single Lever Pull Out Kitchen Faucet sports a set of impressive measurements:

  • Faucet height: 23.6"
  • Spout height: 6.3-10.5"
  • Adjustable spout reach: 6.7"-9.5"
  • Water supply line: 30"

Despite its large size, it will not take up your entire sink. The faucet's high-arc spout has a full 360-degree swivel, which provides extra clearance for bigger pots or pans.

The two function multi-flow wand has a flow rate of up to 2.0 GPM, making this faucet a very powerful product. Even the hardest to clean stains will give way under such a strong flow of water, and your dishes will be clean with little effort.

Due to its pull out head and sprayer, this is a faucet that will be able to reach all the way across your sink. Due to this, it serves its purpose even in large industrial units. However, that doesn't mean it won't work with a smaller sink! On the contrary, you will finally have the space to wash your deep pots thanks to the impressive 23.6" height of this faucet.

Easy to install and maintain

This iSpring kitchen sink faucet contains everything you need to install it:

  1. mounting hardware,
  2. hot/cold water lines,
  3. faucet body,
  4. a hose,
  5. detachable deck plate for 1 or 3 hole installation.

iSpring's faucet allows for minimum maintenance thanks to the ceramic cartridge that is completely drip-free. It allows for hands-on cleaning, letting you easily wipe away the calcium build-up without using any product.

Pros and Cons


  • One-button control - iSpring Single Lever Pull Out Kitchen Faucet allows you to switch between a steady stream of water and a powerful spray with just one button.
  • Reliable and sturdy - made of solid brass and stainless steel, this faucet will last for years.
  • A strong flow of water - thanks to the dual function multi-flow wand, you can temporarily increase the flow rate up to 2.0 GPM. This allows you to clean even the most persistent stains.
  • Unique contemporary look - iSpring's kitchen sink faucet will add style to any kitchen, whether industrial or more traditional.
  • Lead-free - this faucet meets strict requirements and is certified to be lead-free. With this faucet, you can be certain that you and your family are protected from contaminated water.


  • Extra long water supply line - while this can be very helpful in a lot of kitchens, the water supply line in this faucet is not a standard size. If you should ever want to replace it, it's recommended to check the measurements first.
  • Large size - this iSpring faucet has an impressive height of 23.6". While it also has a 360-degree swivel, it simply may not fit into some kitchens. Please measure how much space you have above the sink before getting this faucet.


iSpring L8205CHR Single Lever Pull Out Kitchen Faucet brings a few unique features to the table. As an example: one-button switching between a spray and a stream, its featured positionable sprayer holder, or the full 360-degree swivel. If you are looking for a durable, yet stylish faucet that will last for years, iSpring is definitely a great choice.

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