Kohler K-158-3-BN Antique Kitchen Sink Faucet Review

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Last Updated: November 6, 2020
By: Charles Cole

When price is not an issue, the Kohler K-158-3-BN (Antique) is the answer for most upscale kitchens. It is a high priced kitchen faucet that is made with the greatest of care. With the greatest of care used to create this faucet, Kohler has firmly placed themselves in an elite category. The more relaxed look of this faucet puts it head to head with Rohl’s Country Kitchen Collection (you can read out the full review of Rohl's kitchen faucet here). Both are low profile and made with the finest materials available. This particular model from Kohler is hard to find and is at its best when put in Victorian styled kitchens. That doesn’t mean it won’t excel in other styles, but it will stand out the most in fancier settings. The company markets this model as the Antique kitchen faucet. If you look closely at the stylings, it is easy to notice a product that works well in multiple kitchen types.

KOHLER K-158-3-BN Antique Kitchen Sink Faucet

Kohler K-158-3-BN

  • Six-prong handles
  • One-piece ceramic valve 
  • Ergonomic handle rotation 
  • Flexible stainless steel supplies 
  • 5 pounds weight


  • Available in polished chrome, vibrant brushed nickel and vibrant polished brass
  • Sturdy, easy to grab handles that lock into place when turning off
  • Low profile design saves space in different kitchen sink layouts
  • Optional accessories extend the usefulness of the product
  • Easy to clean if it gets covered in oil or grime
  • Only a quarter turn needed to get a powerful water flow
  • Uses an incredibly low 1.5 GPM
  • Sidespray has a lot of controls and uses the same materials as the main faucet
  • Strong, long lasting build materials


  • One of the most expensive Kohler faucets you can purchase/hard to find

Key Features

When you’re paying this much money for a high end faucet, the feature list tends to be packed. There are many premium features in this model that will make you second guess buying inferior kitchen faucets. A lot of these fall into the ‘nice to haves’ category, but there are a few that are essential to a luxury themed kitchen.

Just The Right Size

The measurements of the model is perfect for spaces that don’t want the kitchen faucet to be too big. It has an 8 5/8 spout reach so works well in small or large kitchen sink setups, giving you plenty of clearance when the dishes are full. Handle clearance is also generous, and is only 1-1/2 inches in total. This isn’t exactly a minimalist setup, but it is as close to it as you can get in a luxury form. Kohler uses every bit of space with this faucet to make it an ideal fit for the kitchen you install it in.

Impeccable Quality And Durability

This is no surprise when you’re dealing with one of the most expensive faucets in their catalog. Made out of brass construction, the chances of this chipping from heavy use is slim. It can handle a lot of abuse without breaking. If worse comes to worse, the warranty will cover damage due to natural deterioration. Even the valve bodies are made of brass, so they are not a weak point of this unit. You won’t find a weak spot on this kitchen faucet no matter how hard you look since it was built from the ground up to last.

Six Prong Handles

As a consumer, you won’t see six prong handles in kitchen faucet designs. It isn’t odd, it’s just rare to see. Six prong handles are often seen in bathroom faucets and their related sets. Kohler put a lot of trust in their designers to make the handles of this model look great in kitchen areas, even when it is not set up as traditional. It really works well as a look when you want something fancy that doesn’t eat up the scenery in the kitchen. The Antique is the best faucet available when it comes to having a polished but low-key design.


The Antique has become a collector’s item for buyers that want a hard to find kitchen faucet. It’s hard to get, yet the people that have it sing its praises in their reviews. With the Antique you’ll get a kitchen faucet that will be a unique item to own for several years moving forward. For some people, that alone is worth the expensive price. For others, it is all about getting that last piece that separates their kitchen from others. Similar designs have come out that mimic the Antique’s style, but few can match its durability and other selling points.

Low Water Usage

Only 1.5 GPM is used when operating the Antique. This is a big deal even if you don’t practice the green lifestyle. It saves a tremendous amount of money on your yearly water bill and doesn’t stress out your water pipes at full blast. This is known as the Kohler treatment, something that this model has several times over. Water comes out powerful, blasting even the toughest stains out of pots and pans. The Antique doesn’t have next level water power, but it gets the job done without wasting a lot of water.

Optional Accessories

The amount and variety of optional accessories for the Antique is surprising since it isn’t part of a larger set. It gets a little confusing since these accessories are easier to get a hold of than the faucet itself. Available accessories several rough-in kits, soap/lotion dispensers, disposal flange with stopper, sink strainers, sing hole covers and more. It is the full fleet of things you would expect from a Kohler product and they are all competitively priced. The Antique has optional accessories worth investing in, especially if you want to bring out its full potential. With such an inviting price, it’s hard to ignore these nice upgrades.

Simple Installation

The install is no different than other Kohler products. They kept things simple with the Antique, which is something that consumers will love. No professionals are needed for the initial installation even if you’re a beginner. Instructions are clear, concise and use easy to identify pictures. Access to measurements are not hidden deep in the manual, so you know exactly what is needed before getting started. Calling it the best installation guide from the company is a stretch, yet it is up there with some of the best.

Comfortable Sidespray

There is a nice grip to the sidespray, with the button resting comfortably between your fingers. There is a slight weight to it all without making it uncomfortable to use for long periods of time. This makes the difference between it being an average spray and a premium one. In this instance, the sidespray is a worthy partner to the faucet, delivering powerful blast while being careful to stay within the GPM guidelines. They weren’t too generous with hose length, so don’t expect to use this across a large kitchen. The length is about what you would expect on average from a premium sidespray.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Warranty Still Active?

This was the main question asked by consumers that were interested in buying the Antique. Since it is a rare product, does the warranty still hold up? The answer is yes! Kohler warranties are ironclad and cover several years. The coverage is the same or better than their currently featured products on the catalog. If something goes wrong with the Antique, you’ll have no trouble getting help resolving the issue.

What Does The Customer Say?

Great Quality Sidespray

Consumers appreciate when brands include a quality sidespray with a kitchen faucet. Reviews point to many that were satisfied with the overall usefulness of the Antique sidespray. It is color matched to the faucet finish, so can end up being a pretty addition depending on the style you choose. As far as operation, they loved how comfortable it was to hold and how well it handled water. This was an all-around win for Kohler with how they met the expectations of customers that wanted a good sidespray.

Perfect For Victorian Setups

Victorian setups are hard to complete without the right styles. It just so happens that the Antique fits in perfectly with Victorian themes, and can even be mixed and matched with products from other competitors sets. It isn’t out of the question to use a Victorian theme in the bathroom from Waterstone while using Kohler in the kitchen. The Antique uses a very basic design that blends in well when needed. It brings out the smaller things in the kitchen without putting all of the attention on itself.

Lasts A Lot Of Years

The brass construction is a favorite of customers since it is dent, corrosion and tarnish resistant. This model is a lot more durable than the average kitchen faucet. For some customers, that was a big selling point that made them overlook the price. When you plan on owning a kitchen faucet for several years, leakage and breaks are the last thing you want to deal with. For many, the reliability of the Antique was exactly the reassurance they needed to pay a premium price. And in the off chance they have to contact customer service, it is through a company that is known for customer satisfaction.

Worth The Price

There are a lot of complaints and cheeky comments about the price of the item. But with those complaints is a satisfied customer that understood the quality of the item they purchased. Yes, this is an expensive kitchen faucet. But it is also a great find if you like the style and are a fan of the Kohler name. It’s unlikely that consumers new to the Kohler brand will pick it up at first glance, but there have been a few cases where the Antique has lured loyal customers away from rival companies.

Easy To Understand Directions

This is one of the more underappreciate comments from purchasers of the Antique. The manual was well written, organized and easy to understand. Buyers that have never installed a kitchen faucet before were able to follow along with the directions without error. This scored a lot of points if you already blew your budget purchasing this model and didn’t want to pay for professional installation. Homes with a standard kitchen faucet setup will have one of the easiest installs in existence. And customers that got lost in the steps were able to easily search the troubleshooting section for answers.

Final Words

The Antique is a great kitchen faucet with a nice design, strong brass construction and high customer marks. It has a small following due to its rarity which should further enhance its status to potential buyers. Rohl’s Country Collection is its competitor, and they do a fine job of offering a cheaper alternative to the pricey Antique. And with Rohl, buyers will get the option of purchasing an entire matching collection instead of trying to match things with the Kohler’s model. It’s an interesting situation for the buyer that wants to save money and have the easier upgrade path for the theme in their kitchen. Even so, the Antique is worth looking at over the competitors.

It is hard to find anything this durable and stylish from any brand that is in the low to mid-tier in pricing. When you look at it like that, the Antique is priced right where it should be. Don’t let the price scare you away from one of the better deals in the Kohler catalog. Although the Antique lacks the familiarity of a set, it has plenty of accessories to enhance your kitchen and make it fit for Kohler products.

Low water consumption may be what turns many potential buyers into actual buyers. The Antique has 1.5 GPM, something that is hard for the Rohl products to match without giving up a little bit of water power. This delicate balance may tip the scales for some potential buyers, but many others already made their decision when this model became a popular dark horse in the Kohler catalog. If money is of no concern, then the Antique is perfect for multiple kitchens. But consumers on a budget should stare closely at the accessories to see if the upgrades will change their minds.

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