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Moen 7594ESRS Arbor Kitchen Faucet Review

Breaching the high priced portion of the market is this high tech system from Moen that has a lot of people talking about the future of kitchen faucets.

It comes in several finishes that resists water spots and finger prints, perfect for a high traffic kitchen. The Reflex system is active for the spray head, so you’ll have full control over the mechanics, including a secure docking system that clicks in the spray head with no effort on your part.

Using the patented Hydrolock install system buyers can be ready to use their faucets in under an hour after unpacking it, one of the quickest times in the industry.

But the big feature of this mode is the MotionSense hands free operation that lets you use a simple hand gesture to start the flow of water. You’ll have the option of installing it through 1 or 3 holes with the included escutcheon, a bargain in itself.

There aren’t many faucets of this type on the market that are worth buying, and this is in a select small group.

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Moen 7594ESRS Arbor Kitchen Faucet Overview

Best Features

There are a wealth of finishes available for this model, starting with spot resist stainless, chrome, oil rubbed bronze, and matte black. All of the finishes are incredibly detailed and are resistant to fingerprints and water spots. Spend more time using the faucet rather than cleaning it with all of these resistant finishes. With each finish you’ll have the option of choosing whether you want the motion sense model or not, making the decision purely optional.

For those that choose to get the MotionSense model, they’ll enjoy hands free use that is as easy to get used to as upscale bathrooms in 5 star hotels.

There are two sensing zones so there are multiple ways to start a stream of water. Waving your hand across the top of the faucet triggers it and also stops the flow of water when you’re done. The sensor near the base of the faucet triggers when an object like a cup is placed near it, and auto shuts off when that object is no longer in view.

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It is a very innovative setup that is easy to master, with little to no hiccups in full operation. Backsplash is prevented with the 100 degree rotating right spot that also rotates forward, putting you in full control of the single lever. When the spray head is pulled out the functions are stream mode or spray mode, with a full length of 68 inches from the braided hose. Water flow is capped at a nice high 2.0 GPM which is higher than the average 1.8, and something that the power user may be interested in.

Product dimensions are 26.5×14.8×4.1 and the system comes with 6 AA batteries that have a life of 22.25 hours. The warranty is a little different since there are electrical parts, but Moen surprised all by offering a lengthy 5 year on digital components, which is great by electronic standards. Even with the MotionSense being one of the key features, the warranty is probably tied as the best feature of the product since it is so secure.

Things to Know

There has been some confusion with how the temperature is changed when using MotionSense, and the confusion is cleared up by figuring out which control box you have under your sink. If your install came with the gray box, you can change the temperature for the motion sensor using that one. If it came with the black box, you have to use the handle to change the temperature.

The gray box is considered to be the old discontinued control box, but it did offer the full hands-free experience when using the motion sensor. If the motion sensors become a hassle you can turn them off completely, or just turn off one of the two sensors and go with the one that works best. Problems with the sensors always start and end with dying batteries, so keep that in mind.

There are other gestures to learn besides turning the sensor on and off from the top, and that is the ability to temporarily disable a sensor. By holding your hand in front of a sensor for 5 seconds you can disable it, while repeating the process enables it again. This is helpful if you need the sink for cooking and the water keeps turning on automatically.

Best Comparison

If not purchasing the MotionSense style then the best comparison is the KOHLER K-99261-CP Artifacts Single-Hole Kitchen Sink Faucet which is about the same price and comes in similar finishes.

The big feature with the Kohler model is that it has an extra spray function meant specifically for cleaning fruits and veggies, and it also has a magnetic dock and easy to use braided hose. It’s not a really fair comparison, and the two products are neck and neck in terms of quality.

However if you add the MotionSenese and put it head to head with this product it will be a completely different story. Currently there really isn’t a great comparison for this MotionSense model, as it is in a league of its own.

Price Changes

Although the style without MotionSense has gone down in price, the MotionSense enabled model continues to stay steady and won’t go down due to the popularity. It has sold a lot over the last couple of months as it not only has convenient features for the kitchen, but also some of the best finishes in Moen’s entire lineup.

The combination of these two things makes it a force to be reckoned with, and explains why the price is so steady. Stock will stay strong for the holidays, so pick it up when you can.

Personal Opinion

There really isn’t a better way to use a faucet than in hands free mode, and since there is a way to easily disable these modes when you don’t need them then it becomes harder to deny the cool effect of this specific kitchen faucet. There are a couple of motion sensor faucets on the market, but none of them are as complete as this product from Moen, the brand leader.

Battery life remains solid for the juice it sucks up from the included batteries, and if you have an issue with the install customer support is a phone call away. It’s easy to recommend this not only for the ease of use, but the overall design and finish with is outstanding. Look for this model to be on many top 10 lists as it gains more popularity for its immense feature set.

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It may be tempting to some to buy the version of this with no MotionSense because they are afraid of using the technology, but why cheat yourself? The included manual gives you easy to use hand gestures to disable the motion sensing technology if you don’t want it, and to also enable it all within 5 seconds.

The use of motion sensing technology may be a bit of a pain for consumers with children in the household, but even they can learn how to fully operate it and not use it as a toy. This is a must have kitchen faucet for any type of kitchen you have.

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