Premier 120333 Essen Single-Handle Commercial-Style Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Review

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Last Updated: January 3, 2021
By: Charles Cole

This is a moderately priced, commercial-style kitchen faucet from Premier. It is available in either a brushed nickel or chrome finish and features a powerful spray nozzle on a high coil. Designed to mimic the power and convenience of a faucet in an industrial kitchen, this could be a great product for a busy household.

The pull-down spout can switch between a powerful pre-rinse spray and an ordinary pot-filling flow with the press of a button. A single, easy to maneuver handle controls the flow of both settings. This is a high-quality faucet, durable and built to last.

While the industrial design of this faucet may not be for everyone, it has plenty of features that will help to cut down your cleaning time and make a busy kitchen much more manageable. Plus, it is affordable and easy to install – great for someone who is remodeling their kitchen and looking for a modern edge.

Premier 120333 Essen Single-Handle Commercial-Style Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Premier 120333 Essen

  • Single-handle kitchen faucet
  • Certified to NSF61-9
  • Pull-down spout, ceramic disc cartridge 
  • Metal lever handle
  • 5.95 pounds weight

Highlights and Features

What really makes this faucet stand out from others in its price range is that it is built much like a commercial faucet, but designed specifically for home use. That means you get all the flexibility and power of the pull-down spray nozzle without any unnecessary complications.

The pre-rinse spray setting is powerful enough to blast grease and tough cooked-on food off of cookware without using any harsh chemicals or heavy scrubbing. The nozzle can be taken off its hook for a full range of motion. A single, large button on the nozzle allows you to easily switch between the spray setting and a normal flow.

Both settings are controlled by a single slim lever at the base of the faucet. The lever is easy to maneuver, but not too sensitive – it is easy to get to the right flow setting without overcorrecting. The flow goes all the way up to 2.2 GPM, enough to fill a large pot in seconds.

One of the best features of this Premier faucet is that it is NSF61-9 certified. That means it is completely lead-free and safe for your household. Heavy-duty ceramic internal components help to ensure long-lasting, leak-free use.
The faucet can be purchased with either a chrome or a brushed nickel finish. The chrome has a sleek, more modern appearance, but the brushed nickel actually improves the faucet’s durability – it is extremely corrosion-resistant and resists lime and sediment buildup from hard water, as well. Both options will deliver long-lasting quality.

Things to Consider

Before you purchase the Premier 120333, there are a few things you are going to want to keep in mind. For one, this is a commercial-style faucet, and may be a little too intense for a smaller kitchen or a kitchen sink that does not get used very often. You should only consider the Premier if you are interested in a commercial look and function.

Getting used to using a commercial-style faucet takes a little time. You don’t need professional dish washing experience, of course, but making the most out of a commercial faucet means knowing when to switch between the spray and flow settings and how much water pressure to use on certain surfaces. Fortunately, this faucet is designed for home use, so it is not too difficult for the average user to get accustomed to it.

This is also a very tall faucet. Its peak height is just over 22 inches. You will want to make sure you have a high enough backsplash and no low uppers that will block the arching coil of the pull-down sprayer. You will also want to have a wide enough sink to accommodate for the full range of the spray.
Installing the Premier faucet is fairly easy. It has a single hole mount that can attach to most kitchen sinks. If you are just looking to upgrade your faucet, you should be able to install it without hiring a professional, even if you don’t have much experience.


This is a mid-range commercial kitchen faucet. Because it was designed for commercial-style use in a home setting, it is much more affordable than a fully industrial faucet. You do pay a bit more for the quality, but its durable design means that you will not need to replace or repair your faucet for much longer than with a cheaper option.


When it is used correctly, this powerful commercial faucet can significantly cut down on cleaning time and help cooking go faster. It could be perfect for someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, either cooking for the family or entertaining guests.

This is a NSF61-9 certified product, safe and reliable for home use. Its industrial appearance will look great in any modern kitchen. For the best durability, we recommend the brushed nickel finish.

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