Faucets Under $100

Kitchen Faucets Under $100

There comes a time when you can't put off buying a new kitchen faucet any longer. If you have budget constrains, you'll be pleased with the extensive range of faucets available for less than $100. All the main manufacturers offer faucets at this price level. There is a comprehensive variety of designs and finishes available, and many provide functions such as pull-down and pull-out spray hoses, features that are often associated with more expensive products. This review should assist the buyer in selecting the design that best complements their kitchen décor and the functions that best suit the household's needs.

Faucets Under $200

Kitchen Faucets Under $200

There is a surprisingly large selection of options for the buyer who is in the market for a kitchen faucet but who has a budget restriction of $200. Faucet manufacturers aim for this price range because they know these faucets will attract most customers with limited budgets. The extensive range includes faucets from all the great manufacturers, offering features and functions that are usually associated with the more expensive models. This review will ensure that the buyer purchases a model that provides elegance and functionality without breaking the bank.

Faucets Under $500

Kitchen Faucets Under $500

At this price level, the buyer can expect to be introduced to some of the newest innovations in faucet technology. These innovations include touch technology, which allows the user to activate the water flow by touching any part of the faucet, and touchless technology, which allows for activation of the water by motion detection. Most products at this price level include the manufacturer's patented technologies as part of the faucet design. The buyer has a broad choice of exciting new features, superior designs, and finishes that should last a lifetime. This review should help the customer to make the best decision for kitchen style and utility.

Faucets Under $1000

Kitchen Faucets Under $1000

At this price range, you can expect to find the very best products that manufacturers have to offer. These are the flagship products, boasting the latest innovations in faucet technology and the newest and most unusual designs and finishes that not only last a lifetime but stand out in the kitchen in dazzling splendor. Someone shopping within this price range knows what they want, expects the best that the industry has to offer, and is prepared to pay for it. In this review, we discuss the awesome array of top-of-the-range faucets available to the discerning buyer.