Rohl A1679LMWSSTN-2 Country Kitchen Single Hole Faucet Review

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Last Updated: November 7, 2020
By: Charles Cole

A little bit of elegance can go a long way if you choose the high priced Acqui from the Italian Collection. From the first time you look at it, there is an unmistakable beauty in its craftsmanship. Buyers are sure to find something special about the Acqui that sets their kitchen apart from others. You should think of the Acqui as a much more refined version of the Roma by Desajni. Even though the Roma is in the low-price range, it is still far inferior to what is offered by the Acqui. There are loads of extras not included with the original Roma, and they are also not available as a separate purchase. To get the most out of your money, the Acqui is the superior choice for kitchens of all sizes (for more sizes you can browse some popular kitchen faucet reviews here). Buyers should make it their top choice if they value Italian design. There is one small hiccup in the package with the side spray (if you are simply looking for the side spray then you can consider this one by Waterstone), but it is something that most users can get past.

Rohl A1679LMWSSTN-2 Country

Rohl A1679LMWSSTN-2 Country

  • Ceramic disc control cartridges
  • 11 29/64" high column spout
  • 9" spout reach
  • Swivel spout
  • 2 x 1 3/8" hole cutouts


  • 9-inch spout is great for deep kitchen sinks
  • ¼ turn ceramic valves keeps water flow consistent
  • Four top grade finishes to choose from
  • Only uses 1.5 GPM
  • Two-hole configuration is perfect for minimalist setups
  • Strong limited lifetime warranty from one of the industry’s best
  • Part of the larger Italian Collection
  • Deck extension kit is optional but adds extra value to the package
  • Brass construction is resistant against damage
  • Stunning design inspired by the hot springs in Northern Italy


  • Side spray can be described as average

Key Features

When the Acqui came out, Rohl had to put a lot of resources into getting the design just right. But a good-looking faucet isn’t enough to impress consumers. Plenty of time was spent on refining the mechanical parts of this model, and for the most part they did a fantastic job. The Acqui is not your regular kitchen faucet, as proven by the many great reviews that follow it. With its features you’ll find that it is more than just your everyday luxury kitchen faucet. With the optional accessory, this is indeed a perfect fit for any kitchen.

Incredible Looking Finishes

This two handle model is available in polished chrome, Italian brass, polished nickel and satin nickel. Although there aren’t a lot of finishes to choose from, the colors are different enough to satisfy multiple customers. You won’t have any issues matching it up with the current kitchen colors. Italian brass is the color that stands out the most, with a high-grade look that not even the chrome can match. All of this comes down to taste, but there is no doubt that the Italian brass was the default color when they created this product. All finishes carry a nice shine.

Just The Right Size

The Acqui is the right size for multiple kitchen setups without having too many disadvantages. So it will work just as good with a larger kitchen as it would with a minimalist kitchen. These measurements should give you a good idea of where it stands; 2 1/8 max installation depth, 2 x 1 3/8-hole cutouts and 9-inch spout reach. It really toes the line between a small and big model, finding the sweet spot to make everyone happy. If they opted not to include the side spray, then it would take another step towards superiority over other models in its price range. Even in its current state, the size will meet your expectations.

One Of The Better Choices In The Collection

It’s always nice to get the best in a collection, and with the Acqui you are definitely getting it! The Acqui has the best features out of the entire Italian Collection from Rohl. You can even argue it is the best looking of the entire collection. If you want to get a taste of what the Italian Collection has to offer, then start with the Acqui kitchen faucet. After you install it, there is no doubt you will have a better understanding of the feeling Rohl was going for. It may even inspire you to redo a kitchen area to match your new faucet.

Low Water Usage

Using only 1.5 GPM, the Acqui is serious about saving buyers money. This was a surprising inclusion to the feature list. However, it may have impacted the side spray and led to its average rating among users. When in use, the side spray is powerful enough to get the regular jobs done but won’t surprise you in any way. The faucet doesn’t suffer from this same problem, and has powerful streams in the hot and cold settings. If you’re tired of tweaking your water settings in the home to use less resources, then this is the faucet you want.

Deck Extension Kit Is A Must For Most Buyers

To get the most out of the Italian Collection, the deck extension kit should be installed. This an optional and low-priced kit that has everything you need to make a dramatic statement in your kitchen. The instructions are clear enough that even a beginner can follow. This small modification is worth the time required to put everything together a second time. To keep that from happening, consumers should order the deck extension kit with the Acqui so it can be done as a single installation. You’ll save a lot of time and get the benefit of a better-looking kitchen.

Dependable Warranty

It’s always nice to have customer service that you can depend on. Rohl is there when you need them, even if the problem is complicated. Hold times are low, and the company does a good job of putting you in touch with the right department. If anything goes wrong with your faucet, this will be one of the smoothest warranty transactions you ever make. The limited lifetime warranty is one of the best and is particularly useful when you’re in a bind. This is something to consider if you plan on purchasing more from the Italian Collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will This Look Good In A Modern Kitchen?

Yes! The Acqui works very well in modern setups and doesn’t look out of place. Its real calling is with traditional kitchen designs, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good crossover. Many kitchens have done good work with mixing and matching products from the Italian Collection. The Acqui is the easiest of them all to implement in a modern design and won’t give you a headache with complex setups.

Is The Handspray Really Average?

Unfortunately, yes. The hand spray is about as average as you would expect from a regular priced kitchen faucet. Since this is a high-priced luxury faucet, consumers were expecting something better than that. It will do its job but won’t surprise you in any way. On the plus side it is as sturdy as the rest of the Acqui build.

Does The Limited Warranty Cover Damage Done During Installation?

Only the Rohl customer service rep can give you an honest answer to this question. The number of variables that go into a warranty return is limitless. No two situations are the same, so it is better to contact the company than to assume the worst. There is no point in doing guesswork when you are in an active warranty period. Even if it doesn’t say it’s covered with your warranty, there is no harm in contacting them about the problem.

What Is The Best Finish?

Italian brass is so far ahead of the other finishes that it is astonishing. It has the right amount of shine and class to make it the easy winner. The white handles with this finish stand out a lot more, bringing the color to the forefront when you look at it. Italian brass will amaze you from the moment you set eyes on it.

What Does The Customer Say?

Spectacular Color Choices

Sometimes color makes a big difference in how people prioritize a purchase. Customers were put off by the low amount of colors at first until they looked at them closer. The big winner in this for buyers was the Italian bronze, and the other colors were just as good. Rohl found a way to get a bunch of people interested in this model without loading it up with more than the default four color choices. That shows an area of commitment that is worth investing money into.

Handles Glide In And Out With Full Precision

When dealing with the handles on both sides of the faucet, customers remarked at how smooth the transition was. Switching it on and off was like butter, and it never felt like the handles became loose over time. Two fingers is all you really need to move them from one position to the next. Once consumers get the hang of it, changing the temps mid-stream is a simple affair. It also helps that the handles are light in weight so don’t take a lot of strength to turn.

Easy Installation

There have been no major problems reported on customer installs of this faucet. That means hundreds of self-installs went through without a hitch. This is important to note since one of the biggest complaints about kitchen faucets is complex installs. The Acqui satisfies the curiosity of beginners that have never dealt with plumbing by providing a descriptive manual. This is further helped by providing instructions for the optional deck extension kit, whether you have purchased it or not.

Long Term Usage Is Not A Problem

The brass body used in the build of this model can withstand a lot of punishment. Even in the busiest of homes, the Acqui still shines after years of use. Finish doesn’t really matter, with many customers exclaiming how much the build quality has stood the test of time. This is even beyond the usual Rohl standards, so the longevity is great move by the company.

The Entire Collection Is A Pleasant Surprise

And that fits right in with this customer comment about the Italian Collection; the longevity of the Acqui means you can slowly buy from the collection piece by piece and not worry about your old parts going bad. Mixing old parts with the new won’t look bad, and many consumers have had no trouble doing so with the Italian Collection. If this is your first time buying from a collection, the choices will be a pleasant surprise.

Final Words

The Acqui is everything you would want in a Rohl kitchen faucet. As part of the Italian Collections, it takes queues from the hot springs of Acqui, found in Northern Italy. This inspiration was the launching point for the collection and what gave this model so much class. The hand spray is its only weak point, but it powers through regardless of that limitation. Buyers that want to make a strong statement can really turn heads with the Acqui in their kitchen. But what is the alternative if you want cutting edge Italian design?

Desajni offers the Roma, a gooseneck design with a pull-out sprayer. It lacks the classical taste of the Acqui, and completely misses the design decisions that Rohl made. But it does nail the price, by being low and being a pretty good deal for the category. No one is going to begrudge you for going with the Roma if you just want to fill a space in your kitchen. But the Acqui is not about putting just anything in your kitchen, it is about completing a design.

It stands out no matter what finish you choose, and can make any kitchen pop. If you’re serious about adding a ‘complete’ feel to your kitchen, then the Acqui is the obvious choice over the Roma. Think of this as the first piece to a puzzle that will introduce you to the entire Italian Collection. After you get the Acqui, don’t be surprised when you’re attracted to other pieces from the collection! Rohl did a wonderful job with this kitchen faucet from top to bottom. It comes highly recommended for kitchens of all sizes.

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