Rohl U.4747PN-2 Perrin & Rowe Kitchen Faucet Review

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Last Updated: November 7, 2020
By: Charles Cole

When it comes to brand name luxury, there are few competitors that can outmatch the Perrin and Row collection. The U.4747PN-2 is the best of the best from the Rohl brand when you want high priced kitchen faucets that look the part. Precise engineering and spectacular looks are the cornerstones of this model, but it doesn’t end there. You can expect to get a product that works beyond expectations and is fitting for its high price range. Waterstone is one of their major competitors in the luxury faucet industry, so fans of that brand may want to look at Rohl if they need something different. Even with their similarities, the Rohl and Waterstone comparisons don’t go much further than pricing and design. These are two very different visions, each with their own specific identity. Rohl is known for creating some of the most breathtaking designs in the industry, you can find more deigns from other brands if the item is out of your budget. In many situations, you could consider their choice for design a one of a kind experience. Their premium materials will live long in kitchens of all types, even in large family homes.

Rohl U.4747PN-2 Perrin & Rowe Kitchen Faucet

Rohl U.4747PN-2 Perrin & Rowe

  • Polished Nickel
  • Deck mounted
  • Single handle
  • Height Of Spout 11"
  • Faucet With Side Spray


  • Uses design queues from the Edwardian era
  • All colors have a protective layer to guard against scratches and corrosion
  • Out of the five colors, English gold and bronze look the best
  • Strong brass construction
  • Only uses 1.8 GPM in most tests
  • Lever is made of metal so will stand the test of time
  • Two hole configuration for kitchens that want to save space


  • High priced, even by Rohl standards

Key Features

A big part of the charm with this set is the looks, but it has many features that go beyond that. Customers that are spending a lot of money want more than design, after all. The U.4747PN-2 delivers in those areas and proves that it can hang with some of the more technical kitchen faucets on top ten lists. Buyers won’t be disappointed, and it may even change their mind about what the brand can deliver.

Nice Water Usage

At only 1.8 GPM, this model is incredibly water efficient. It works well in green homes where it will save the owners a lot of money in water usage. Despite this wonderful feature, this faucet doesn’t lack any power. You get about the same performance that you would get if it was 2.5 GPM. The extra punch when the water comes out at full stream is surprising considering its water usage, but that is a nod to Rohl for their superior design. You can depend on this same performance even if you have weak piping in the home. The U.4747PN-2 will power through it and give you superior water streams.

Powerful Disc Control Cartridge

A dependable disc control cartridge can make or break a kitchen water faucet. Many of the mechanics are tied to lever usage and overall faucet design. The disc control cartridge of this model is the usual ceramic, and it holds up fairly well even in households with high usage. This kitchen faucet is stronger than it looks and has matching internals that have even better durability. Rohl started the building blocks of this great model around the ceramic disc valve, and it shows with how well the water is handled in multiple settings.

Underrated Sidespray

The insulated brass sidespray of this kitchen faucet gets no love from top reviews. Reviewers aren’t trashing it either, so why is it so largely ignored? It has the same top-flight quality of the main faucet with the added benefit of being more than an afterthought in the design. Rohl could have completely screwed up the look of this kitchen faucet model by adding an ugly sidespray. Instead, consumers get a good-looking accessory that has great water saving and water control options. It’s an amazing accomplishment that has so far gone unnoticed by a lot of lists. The sidespray is without a doubt a big feature of the U.4747PN-2 kitchen faucet.

Space Saving Design

Not every kitchen faucet needs to be 3-5 hole monsters. The hole configuration of this model tops out at two, and it is better off for it. It is a low-key space saving design that really separates this kitchen faucet from the rest of the pack. Not a lot of high end kitchen faucets go with the two hole setup, so this is a nice exception to the rule. There is competition, but it becomes a top three product for anyone that is looking or a smaller kitchen faucet setup. The U.4747PN-2 is the way you can get in on the high-end models without crowding your kitchen area.

Part Of The Larger Perrin And Rowe Collection

Sets will always be a draw for consumers when it comes to appliances. It’s a good idea to stick to one product throughout the house for uniformity, although sometimes that isn’t always possible. The Perrin and Rowe Collection makes this possible by covering faucets and accessories for every part of the home. The U.4747PN-2 the top choice from the collection for the kitchen, and holds its own when compared to sets by Waterstone. Even if you put it side by side with the Towson Traditional Suite, the Perrin and Rowe Collection pulls ahead and is considered the better choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is The Price So High?

The U.4747PN-2 comes from a luxury line of high-end kitchenware. It one of the Rohl’s best, so they priced it just like their competitors. The reason it is slightly higher than the competition has a lot to do with its quality, uniqueness, the brand name and of course the intended audience it was created for. Perrin & Rowe is an international collection that uses the finest designs from Great Britain’s Edwardian period. It is quite literally the royalty collection of kitchen faucets and plumbing. The design is hard to find, or at least harder to find when it is done right.

Does It Matter That Only The Lever Is Metal?

No, and this is a common practice. When people see a description showing that only the lever is metal, they think it invalidates the rest of the kitchen faucet. There would be no point to making the rest of the faucet metal for multiple reasons; it would increase the chances of their being corrosion through extended use if the faucet was all-metal. An all-metal faucet would also raise the price of the unit without any additional benefits to its looks, usability and weight. A metal faucet would be significantly heavier yet less durable. There is a market for all metal faucets but it is purely high end and not considered the norm. But once again, having the lever being metal is standard practice in the faucet industry.

How Good Is The Sidespray?

It was mentioned before, but the sidespray is phenomenal. They didn’t do a lot of marketing for it, but you can put this models sidespray as one of the better additions to a Rohl product. It has the same top quality as the kitchen faucet and maintains its water saving ways without losing a lot of spray power. The sidespray is truly the best of both worlds in a package that is already one of the best to be created.

Does The Rohl Website Carry Important Information?

Along with important warranty information, Rohl has links for the specification sheet and CAD drawings. The latter is a nice thing to have if you are an architect or dealing with a new build. It helps with the installation and figuring out the finer parts of the kitchen faucet. Regular consumers won’t find much use for it and will be fine with the default instructions that come in the box. But for warranty issues, it helps to be able to refer to the online information and make sure it is up to date. The one on the website will always be the latest version, so make sure to print it out when you get a chance.

What Does The Customer Say

Awe Inspiring Design

A royal look needs a reliable company to fulfill the consumer’s needs. A lot of talk about this model is rightfully directed at how well it captures Great Britain’s history. The castles and upscale homes from their past are on full display with the Perrin and Rowe series. This of course means that finding the correct place for it is limited, so consumers that have purchased this model have a home with a similar theme. The price and look of this kitchen faucet limits its worldwide appeal to only the select few that want the absolute best luxury item to represent a specific part of history. Some creative consumers have managed to fit this set in with their current kitchen scheme that focused on traditional design.

Easy To Find Replacement Parts

When something breaks, you don’t want to go through hoops to get it fixed. This is more to do with availability of parts than the actual warranty. Despite its limited appeal, the U.4747PN-2 is quick to get replacement parts when something goes wrong. Consumers have little complaints about how quickly their replacements were done. All of the talk about replacement parts from consumers seems to lead to a positive experience when dealing with Rohl. This is a surprising turn of events when you consider that this has a very limited sell range for most homes.

Finally A Small Luxury Kitchen Faucet

There are notable complaints from buyers about selections being limited for smaller kitchen faucets. The choices get even smaller when you look at luxury brands. The U.4747PN-2 remedies that for a lot of people with its two hole installation. With its small 11-inch reach swivel spout, customers have plenty of room to operate when dealing with multiple dishes. The benefits of a setup are vast, but finding it is always the hardest. A tight area is always the hardest to create when you’re building a kitchen. The many satisfied customers of the U.4747PN-2 model should be proof enough that it’s possible.

More Than Enough Information Available Online

Consumers were amazed at the amount of information available about the product online, and also in the packaging. You are greeted with a rich list of features, warranty information and history about this kitchen faucet model. Getting through all the reading material that is included is only half of the fun of owning the U.4747PN-2. Builders were enthusiastic about all the technical information available online. It helped with difficult installations and answered many questions about spacing. Documentation is in no short supply if you go with this series from Rohl’s.

Final Words

It’s hard to look at this kitchen faucet without comparing it to the Waterstone Towson set. Besides being priced slightly less, the Towson has a much longer reach and is built for deeper kitchen sinks. The accessories are also plentiful, so by the time you finish putting everything together it will cost more than the U.4747PN-2. But that is exactly why Rohl wins in this head to head; this kitchen faucet is complete on its own, takes up less space and looks absolutely stunning. Color choices are good, and the quality is really next level, even for Rohl’s. Consumers that are looking for one of the smallest luxury kitchen faucets will find the U.4747PN-2 fits their needs. And if you don’t have a need for a lot of accessories, it is a perfect fit for your kitchen.

The U.4747PN-2 is like a rare item that you want to show all your friends and family. Buyers that need something bigger and slightly (base only) less expensive can choose the Towson instead. It still a solid choice for kitchens that want a designer luxury faucet. The Rohl model is still a clear winner for design, the side spray and its space saving features. If you’re lucky enough to have it in your home, it is really tempting to get the rest of the set. With a few purchases, you can turn any area into a royal home fit for a king.

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