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Last Updated: January 3, 2021
By: Charles Cole

If you’re looking for a space saving mid tier water softener, you should strongly consider the Tier 1. It’s one of the most efficient models available, giving you soft water for your entire home. But it’s compact build means it will only take up a small amount of space.

The Tier1 has a durable build that should give you years of reliable performance. The valves are designed to last years without any leaks, and the tanks hold up to just about anything you throw at them.

Where the Tier1 really stands out is price. This is one of the best values you can find for a water softener. You get efficient water flow in a space saving system that will cost you half as much as other water softeners with similar features.

Tier1 Essential Series 48,000 Grain High Efficiency Digital Water Softener


  • 48,000 Grain 
  • LCD display
  • Flow Rate (GPM): 11.2
  • Manual Bypass Valve
  • Reverse Osmosis Filtration

It won’t produce enough water for households bigger than 6 people. But if your home is smaller than that, this system should be at the top of your list.

Key Features

The Tier1 is one of the most compact 48,000 grain capacity water softeners out there. This makes it a great choice for anyone who needs to save as much room as possible. With this system, you’ll save about 4 square feet compared to comparable water softeners.

The system has a demand initiated meter that only regenerates soft water when the tank is running low. This feature is not found in many other water softeners in this price range, so it’s a welcome addition to the Tier 1. By only regenerating water when it’s needed, the system saves salt. These savings can really add up over the years.

The Tier1 is excellent when it comes to removing calcium, magnesium, and other minerals. The water produced by the system is soft and feels great on the skin. It will also help prevent limescale buildup on your appliances, extending their lifespan and saving you money.

The meter on the Tier1 is one of the better control interfaces you’ll find on a water softener. You can fully adjust all of the water cycle times, as well as control water specifications. There are only a few buttons, so you shouldn’t have any issues learning to use the interface.

The system is easy to install, and comes with all that you need to get up and running. The installation guide is a little vague at times, but setup is fairly simple. You can choose to have a professional handle it, but it’s straightforward enough that most users should be able to handle it themselves.

Tier1 also provide excellent tech support should you run into any issues while installing or running your system.

Pros and Cons


  • Compact, space-saving build
  • Excellent water softening
  • Fast tech support
  • One of the best meters you’ll find


  • Some installation instructions not clear

Things To Know

The brine tank can hold up to 130 liters of salt. The system takes 2 hours to fully regenerate, and water service will be interrupted as the tank refills.

The system comes pre filled with 1.5 liters of resin, so you just need to add salt and connect it to start softening water.

The Tier1 comes with a manual bypass valve, as well as a ¾” connection. If your house has PEX supply tubing, you may need to use compression fillings when installing the device. These will have to be purchased separately.

The Tier1 comes with all you’ll need to install and get the system up and running. The installation guide walks you through set up, and Tier1 technical support are always willing to answer any questions about the system.

You can choose between 2 color options with the Tier1: blue and black. Both have the same features, although they often retail for different prices, with the blue option often cheaper.


If you need a space saving mid sized water softener, the Tier1 is an excellent option. It offers the best value you’ll find in its price range, and comes packed with great features.

The meter on the system is excellent, allowing for precise control of regeneration cycles and other water specifications. The compact build can easily fit in tight corners, so you’ll save a lot of space with the Tier1. Although the installation guide is a bit unclear, the set up process is fairly straightforward, and should only take a few hours.

The Tier1 pumps out enough water to easily service a 4 person household. The water it produces has great texture, and is soft on skin and hair. It will also help protect your appliances and keep them running for longer by removing limescale and preventing mineral deposits.

You get all of these features for a fraction of the price of other 48,000 grain capacity water softeners. For households of 3-5 people, the Tier1 is about as good as it gets.

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