Waterstone 3100-ORB Towson Wall Mount Pot Filler Faucet Review

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Last Updated: November 7, 2020
By: Charles Cole

The first time you hear the word pot filler, it may not sink in completely (read the full guide of wall mount pot fillers). For many consumers, it is a statement purchase that is one of the many add-ons to a luxurious kitchen. At a high price, this pot filler from the Towson lineup fits the bill. But it is much more than just another expensive purchase; a pot filler has a purpose in all kitchens, even in smaller homes. In some areas it is considered a normal fixture on the wall. You can purchase plenty of these at a low price, with one of the well-known ones coming from Danze (get the top faucet models by Danze here). The Parma is one of the better models of pot filler on the market, and is an affordable pot filler with a nice design. If you put the Danze and Waterstone product side by side, which would be better? Pot fillers aren’t exactly cutting-edge technology, but in this case Waterstone may surprise you. With seemingly little effort, they managed to create a pot filler that is worth ten times the price of competitors.

Waterstone 3100-ORB Towson Wall Mount Pot Filler Faucet

Waterstone 3100-ORB Towson

  • 22" Reach Spout
  • 2.2 gpm maximum flow rate 
  • ADA compliant
  • Solid Brass or Stainless Steel construction
  • 8 pounds weight


  • Long 22-inch reach spout so you never have to struggle for room
  • Brass construction option is the top tier at Waterstone
  • Strong 1.75 GPM flow rate that gives enough power without wasting water
  • Low led compliant based on California AB-1953
  • Only needs a cold-water hookup
  • High compatibility with reverse osmosis systems
  • Lifetime functional warranty that covers the most important parts of the product


  • One of the highest prices possible for a pot filler

Key Features

It’s easy to look at a pot filler and think that there is no way it has a lot of features. This is where the 3100-ORB will surprise most people. This model is surprisingly strong in the feature category, and while it doesn’t have anything revolutionary, it is still worth noting. The amazing features of this pot filler can easily outdo a lot of the competition. It’s enough to swing tight buying decisions in its favor, or to make you reconsider your current setup. For new projects that haven’t factored in a pot filler, then this remains one of the most recommended brands.

Long Reach

A pot filler isn’t worth a buy if it doesn’t have a long reach. The 22-inch swing spout is can reach both the front and back burners of your stove. It was especially made for modern setups, so the reach works for larger models. You will never have to move a pot around so that it is perfectly aligned with the spout. Everything lines up properly and it doesn’t splash all over the place. This is the ideal length you want without making the pot filler too noticeable on the wall. Not that it is an eyesore, but you get the point!

Durable Construction

Having a long reach can also scare a lot of customers that are worried about breakage. There is nothing more frightening in a kitchen than a broken water spout over your most flammable appliance. This isn’t a problem since this model uses premium brass construction. Now you can always get around the breakage by choosing a shorter length pot filler. But why sacrifice the length when you can depend on strong construction? Spend less time worrying about your pot filler breaking by getting the 3100-ORB. And if by some unfortunate chance things go wrong, the lifetime functional warranty will be more than enough to cover you for damages.

Plenty Of Colors

Waterstone does it again by providing yet another product with a ton of colors. It gets the usual treatment, and is available in thirty different finishes. There are some really good colors to choose from like chrome or bronze. When you deciding on a pot filler and you want it to match the wall, then it’s much easier when you get a Waterstone model. And if you decide to match it with your current stove or kitchen faucet, you’ll still manage to find a finish that is close to that color. It is an all around great system, and Waterstone is probably the only company that offers this many color options (browse kitchen faucets by colors).

Compatibility With Reverse Osmosis Systems

Talk about a feature that no one would expect! Compatibility with reverse osmosis systems is another one of those Waterstone inclusions that not a lot of companies handle. The reason it is a big deal here is due to the product being a pot filler.  The 3100-ORB is compatible with a lot of the leading reverse osmosis systems on the market. Now it doesn’t mean that this is a one of a kind model, but it does point to a very specific feature that is hard to find. It may seem niche, but for plenty of customers this is going to be a main selling point of the 3100-ORB.

Passes Multiple Codes And Standards

There are over five standards and codes that are passed by this Waterstone pot filler. That is a big deal for kitchens in certain areas where it is required. If you’re remodeling a kitchen in California, ignoring these important standards can really derail a project. The 3100-ORB does a good job of covering all of the important codes like CALGreen, ADA, NSF 61 and more. The construction, materials and everything included is safe to use in multiple parts of the world.

Well Built Single Lever Handle

What good is a pot filler if the one lever it has is a pain to use? Thankfully Waterstone didn’t screw that up, and buyers will love the soft lever of this model. It’s important to note that although the lever is easy to pull, it is not easy to hit my accident. There is enough force in the on/off position that accidental pulls are not an issue. This is a very important feature of any pot filler since it will be directly over your stove 100% of the time. Although it isn’t explicitly stated as a safety feature, by all accounts the lever on this model should be counted.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast Does It Fill A Pot?

In less than thirty seconds you can fill up a large pot. It works really fast without splashing all over the place. For larger gumbo pots it doesn’t take that much longer. It is safe to say that any pot can be filled in less than forty seconds.

Are There Any Dangers To Owning A Pot Filler?

Cheap pot fillers, yes. A cheap pot filler is prone to breakage, which causes huge problems in the area. If you break it while it’s running, then you have a steady stream of water damaging on of the most expensive appliances in your kitchen. If the arm breaks that swivels it around, then it becomes a burden to use until fixed. Getting a good pot filler like the 3100-ORB is important to keeping your kitchen safe.

Is It Difficult To Install?

Installing a pot filler is not the same as installing a kitchen faucet. The differences are massive for a beginner. Intermediate and expert users will be fine installing on their own. It is 100% recommended to get a professional to do the install if you are a first-time installer. The plumbing alone means that you’ll deal with a lot more than you expected, even with the instructions. Factor in a professional install when considering the price of this model.

Why Is This Model So Expensive?

The 3100-ORB has an astounding list of features for a simple pot filler. It has no glaring weaknesses, so really stands out when pitted against the competition. There are plenty of colors to choose from, so it is possibly the best designed pot filler on the market. You can’t really get much better than this model, so it is safe to call it one of the top two ever made.

What Does The Customer Say?

Color Choices Sealed The Deal

Waterstone always wins with the customers by having a load of finish options. Buyers were always able to find the color that fit their kitchen perfectly. This is a huge contrast to other brands that lock you into three or five colors. Having thirty satisfies everyone and has no downside. It should be noted that some customers like the majority of the colors but admitted that there were a couple of colors that ‘didn’t look right’. It is a rare complaint, but you will definitely run across some Waterstone models that just don’t look right in specific colors.

One Of The Only Pot Filters With Reverse Osmosis Compatibility

Consumers that purchased the 3100-ORB for its osmosis compatibility were also the most likely to do a self-install. The process is fairly simple for experienced users, and that is exactly why they had such a positive experience. Reverse osmosis isn’t new, but it does have a surprisingly low amount of support with some systems. Having a pot filler pick up the slack is a nice touch. It’s also great if you installed your current reverse osmosis system and know how to hook it up to the pot filler.

Has A Nice Heavy Feel To It

When you pull out the arm of the pot filler, you want it to have some weight behind it. Having a flimsy arm holding the faucet doesn’t fill you with confidence during use. Customers loved the solid brass materials used to make this model. The smoothness that comes from using the material also feels nice against the hands. With the lever in the perfect position, it is like having an anti-gravity hand spray at your fingertips at all times. No one that purchased this model has made a major complaint about the quality of the product.

A Great Conversation Starter

The 3100-ORB hasn’t won any awards for its looks, although the Towson Suite it belongs too is high on everyone’s list. This pot filler looks really nice on the wall in any color. It isn’t fancy or luxurious, it just fits. Buyers that have gone all in on pot fillers didn’t buy them for the looks. This model in particular won’t turn heads any faster than a cheaper brand. Waterstone equipped it with enough features that guests in a customer’s home are always curious about the model. This is a sense of pride for many current and future buyers that want to be the talk of the town.

Final Words

If you have never used a pot filler before, then this high-priced model is a hard sell. Any item that is high priced needs to have something that makes it different from the other products at a cheaper price. For pot fillers, it comes down to features and your general use. There are plenty of people that have never used one in their life, so if this is their introductory model, it is considered bad choice.

Danze’s Parma is a much better choice for first time buyers of a pot filler that want a quality choice. You are missing out on a few balanced features, and you are definitely missing out on the colors. But for a fraction of the price, you get a pot filler that does the one job it is supposed to. Choosing the right pot filler the first time around is a big deal since so much work goes into installing it. The last thing you want to do is settle for a lesser model and then replace it later with the model you want. And that is exactly why I would recommend ‘most’ people choose the 3100-ORB over a cheaper pot filler.

For intermediate and expert buyers, the 3100-ORB is one of the two best pot fillers in the industry. Its only flaw is pricing, which can be easily overlooked if you consider longevity. This Waterstone pot filler is at the top of many lists, and will not disappoint. The only reason to shy away from this buy is if you’re a new user to pot fillers. Everyone else should splurge with the 3100-ORB and enjoy one of the best products ever from Waterstone.

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