Waterstone 3150-SN Towson Wall Mount Pot Filler Faucet Review

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Last Updated: November 6, 2020
By: Charles Cole

Fans of the 3100-ORB are likely to have come across the 3150-SN. It is another pot filler in the Towson line, this time with a little more flair. The comparisons of the two models is hard to miss, and has led to a lot of arguments about which version is better. The 3150-SN has the same high price as the 3100-ORB, and seems to follow the same pricing structure as the rest of the Towson catalog. It looks good in any kitchen, and carries with it a range of features that will surely catch your attention. The only downside to owning this pot filler is purchasing it on a limited budget. Like all of the products in this range, the high price will scare away a lot of potential customers. When you start talking about limited feature items like pot fillers, the customer base gets even smaller.

Waterstone 3150-SN Towson Wall Mount Pot Filler Faucet

Waterstone 3150-SN Towson

  • 2.2 gpm maximum flow rate
  • California AB-1953 Low Lead compliant
  • Satin Nickel finish
  • 8 pounds weight
  • 22" spout reach


  • Mounts comfortably on wall and reaches across the entire area
  • Only needs a cold water hook up for operation
  • Dripping is prevented by the built-in check valve
  • With an aerated tip you can expect 1.75 GPM max flow rates
  • High compatibility with reverse osmosis filtration systems
  • High end brass construction available in 30 colors
  • Long lasting lifetime functional warranty
  • Resistant against stains and tarnishes
  • Beautiful design that takes some great direction from the Towson series
  • Reliable ¼ turn ceramic disk valve cartridge
  • Cross handle is stylish yet easy to turn on/off


  • The price will turn away customers that see cheaper pot fillers

Key Features

Pot fillers always get the short end of the stick when it comes to features. It isn’t due to laziness from big brands, but has more to do with the design. Pot fillers have less to do compared to kitchen and bathroom faucets. Their entire design is based on getting the most water out of a spout with minimal splashing. So it needs to do that one thing, and it needs to do it well. A pot filler that fails at the only task it was assigned is an absolute waste of money. Thankfully that isn’t the issue with this model, and Waterstone managed to add in a lot of extras to make it worth your while. This is one of the few times a pot filler will surprise you with its feature set.

Cross Handle Look And Feels Good

The cross handled is an underused luxury in kitchen appliances. The few times it’s used is when you wonder why it isn’t more popular. The 3150-SN does a nice job of showing the benefits of the design without making it hard to use. The handle is big enough to turn with a few fingers, yet has enough weight to it so that accidents aren’t a problem. This might be the best implementation of the cross handle on a kitchen appliance. The simplicity is more than enough to win most people over.

All of The Finishes Look Great

It’s a Waterstone product, so at this point you should expect great color choices. Unlike the other pot fillers in their lineup, this model seems to have good to great choices. That means there are no bad or off colors when choosing from the list of 30. There is a lot of potential to find a unique color that no one else has in their kitchen. If your aim is to impress, then this pot filler will give you plenty of chances to do so.

Warranty Is One Of The Best

You hear the words ‘lifetime functional warranty’ and it makes you pause for a second. Not because it is a bad thing, but because it says everything other than ‘lifetime warranty’. The easiest way to describe it is that Waterstone offers a lifetime warranty but with restrictions. A lifetime functional warranty is no different than saying a lifetime limited warranty. It is wordplay, and all of the options will give you access to one of the best customer support systems available. You will never feel that Waterstone is giving you less than their full attention if something goes wrong.

Long Swing Spout To Reach Across The Stove

You’ll get 22 inches of reach with a fully swiveling spout. This covers stoves of all sizes and never makes it difficult to pour water where you want. The best part of this deal is that it will survive multiple changes to your kitchen appliance. Even if you change from a larger stove to a smaller one, the reach will still be at level with your needs. This high compatibility with all setups is what makes pot fillers such a beloved product.

Doesn’t Leave A Mess

If you’re worried about water splashing all over the stove, then fear not. The water pressure is just right for this type of appliance. You can have it on low or high and it won’t make a difference in how effective it is at non-spillage. The check valve was a nice addition and will prevent dripping from even being an issue. This has been a problem with older pot fillers that didn’t have this hardware check in place. For the duration that you own the 3150-SN, it shouldn’t be a problem at all. That means the messiest appliance in your kitchen will still be the kitchen faucet (read the kitchen faucet reviews here).

Durable Construction Keeps It In Top Shape For Years

Buyers can never say that they are unhappy with the solid brass construction of this pot filler. Years of dedicated craftsmanship has made every inch of this model near perfect. The cross handle doesn’t show signs of wearing out, and the extension of the faucet holds up equally. You won’t get an annoying squeaky sound from overuse. The most surprising thing about this pot filler is that the ceramic disc valve seems to be at the same level or better than top kitchen faucets. This is a major advantage for consumers that use their pot filler daily. Strong components are ready and willing to take whatever abuse you can throw at them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are The Materials Rust Resistant?

Yes, you won’t run into any problems with rust during the ownership of the product. This is also true since it uses cold water instead of hot. Extremely hot water has a chance to warp the components during extended use. Years of hot water is more likely to lead to rust than the cool water that runs by default. You will also open the door to sediments that are built up in the bottom of the hot water tank. These sediments are corrosive, and very bad for your pot filler. Never hook up a pot filler to the hot water!

Is It Difficult To Install?

Yes. This isn’t simple like installing a kitchen sink. Installing a pot filler requires plumbing and carpentry experience. It is not a beginner project, and very few intermediate consumers can handle all the steps. Pot filling installation should be left to professional and expert users.

What Is The Difference Between This Pot filler And A Cheaper Model?

Higher resistance, better water flow and of course better quality. It’s all about the little things when you pay the premium. This is a pot filler that has very few weaknesses other than its high price.

Will There Be Problems Using It During Winter?

No. Any problems with the pot filler will be related to the actual line it is using. So if you have bad plumbing attached to the pot filler, then there may be consequences in the winter months. Sometimes this can be avoided by setting the pot filler to a slow ‘drip’ overnight, but it is not necessary if you have good plumbing. In a situation where damage can be done to the pipes during winter, then it won’t just be the pot filler that’s the problem- you’ll have to check out the entire house.

What Does The Customer Say?

Beautiful Look From A Quality Product

It’s hard to mess up the look of a pot filler, so making it look good was an easy task to accomplish. Lucky for Waterstone, customers have agreed the design is beautiful. It also helps that this model looks great in all colors. Buyers that purchased this pot filler loved the way it enhanced the look of their kitchen.

The Brass Is Really Strong

Seeing an arm pull out from the wall multiple times can make you nervous. Long time owners of the 3150-SN were at peace with the way it operated due to the high-quality brass. They never felt like it was cheaply made, and it never got to the point where the handle was too tight to move. Everything has a nice weighty feel to it without going overboard. This thing won’t tear a hole in your wall by accident, but you will feel safe moving it in all directions. Buyers were satisfied with the overall longevity of this pot filler.

Covers My Six Burner Stove

The biggest fear that consumers had about getting a pot filler was its coverage. That was resolved after they finished the initial install. This pot filler covers a large area, so even six burner stoves are well taken care of. You will feel safe having the arm extended to the full 22 inches, even if it is running the full volume of water. Additionally, consumers with smaller stoves didn’t have to worry about the large coverage of the pot filler becoming a problem. Since the arm folds to half its size, they were able to enjoy the same convenience as large stove owners.

Water Comes Out Fast!

One of the more interesting comments from a consumer had to do with how fast the water came out. This was an actual compliment, with their real amazement having to do with the splash protection. You’ll never have to worry about splashing on your stove when operating this pot filler. And once you turn it off, it remains off. There are no drips to complicate what you already have setup on the stovetop.

Doable Self-Installation If You Have The Knowledge

This comment was interesting since it came from an intermediate user. There are a few users in the intermediate range that have been able to install this pot filler on their own, without any help. This is a big deal, and points to great instructions, or great personal skill. Regardless of which it is, users that have installed this model agree that knowledge plays a big role in doing this on your own. With the right tools, patience and ability to follow instructions, you could finish this install on your own. Lack of plumbing and carpentry knowledge will make it more of a risk, taking the chance to install it completely out of your hands.

Final Words

Waterstone manages to do it again with the 3150-SN pot filler. It is another great product from the Towson line that proves the superiority of their models. But with a high price and the emergence of a lot of similar pot fillers, how does it stack up against the competition? The competition comes from within the company itself, and is also a product of the Towson line; the 3100-ORB. If you looked at these products by design only, you’d think that the only difference was the handles. It is a confusing thing to really compare these two products since they are so similar. There are slight differences in their size, and one could even argue that the 3150-SN has a better design. At the very least it handles the multitude of color options much better than the 3100-ORB.

With such similar competition, the 3150-SN is still a strong buy, but you should look at its competition. There may be one or two things you like about the other Towson pot fillers in the Waterstone lineup. This model is still at the top of the food chain, it just so happens to share it with a pot filler in the same series. No matter which one you go with, you’ll still get a fantastic deal.

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