Waterstone 4025-SN Traditional Side Spray Review

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Last Updated: November 6, 2020
By: Charles Cole

When purchasing a side spray, you want to get something that matches the quality of your kitchen faucet (you can read the kitchen faucet reviews here). If you’re looking for a high-end match, then the 4025-SN is exactly what you need. This is a high-priced side spray that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations for luxury. All of its features were made to put it in a league of its own. There are plenty of colors to choose from, and the design is friendly enough to match a wide range of kitchen styles, old and new. In the spirit of competition, the Moen Protégé puts up a good fight against the 4025-SN. It is low priced, has a nice look and comes from a reputable brand. There is enough features to make it a fair comparison, but the question still remains about whether a bargain faucet can go toe to toe with a luxury model. If you’re still wondering, the 4025-SN is worth it, but the question is whether it is better than the competition.

Waterstone 4025-SN Traditional Side Spray, Satin Nickel

Waterstone 4025-SN Traditional

  • Solid Brass or Stainless Steel 
  • Satin Nickel finish
  • 1 pounds weight
  • Large spray pattern
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Choice of solid brass or stainless-steel materials
  • Long 48-inch reinforced nylon hose
  • Compatible with all Waterstone faucets with an extra side spray port
  • Spray pattern is large and will cover deep sinks
  • PTFE bump guard for extra protection
  • Nozzle head is built with a no drip feature
  • Comfortable to hold for all hand sizes
  • Mounting base is included with the packaging
  • Great traditional style that looks good in old or new kitchens


  • A little heavy so may be uncomfortable for extended use

Key Features

The 4025-SN is compatible with all traditional kitchen, bridge and prep faucets under the Waterstone brand. That gives you a lot to choose from when pairing it up with another product. It also means you can choose to buy the spray head later if you go with a Waterstone faucet first. This is one of the many decision’s consumers will have to make when buying for their kitchen. With all of the benefits of owning the 4025-SN, going for a full Waterstone build is tempting. Here are the products best features to help you with a buying decision.

No Drip Spray Head

A really annoying feature of using a spray head is having it drip all over the place when you’re not using it. To combat that problem, Waterstone made an exclusive no drip spray nozzle head for this model. That leaves you with no more pesky drips when the spray head is not in use. The best way to describe how important this feature is would be to think of when you’re rinsing off the sink with cleaner. After you put the spray head back in its place, water drops can slide down and eventually stain the base. Weeks and months of this happening can cause permanent damage to the base even though it is resistant.

A Lot Of Coverage With The Spray Pattern

Waterstone has boasted about how wide the spray pattern is for this model. It truly has one of the widest coverage areas of all of their sprays. You can even compare this to competing models from other brands and it would come out on top. This makes the spray head perfect for deep sinks, large pots, pans and casserole dishes. It packs a punch, with considerable power that will get rid of grease. If they added more spray modes then this would truly be a beast of a spray head. In its current state, it is fair to call it a top ten contender.

Superior Construction

Great construction is always going to be a big feature for kitchen products. With all of the things that can go wrong with water, it is nice to be able to depend on this spray head. Both the brass and stainless-steel construction are in a league of their own. You will never feel like it will break from a small drop, and it is highly resistant to dings and scratches. When you’re spending this much money on just a spray head, having it able to withstand minor scuffs is a must.

Nylon Hose Is Longer Than You Will Ever Need

You will never feel the need to extend the length of the 48-inch nylon reinforced connection hose. It is perfect for kitchens of all sizes, and nulls the need to upgrade to a longer hose. To have that length directly out of the box is a big deal for a spray head, especially one that is considered a luxury product. Usually, length of the hose is where some companies would be more ‘frugal’ with what they offered. Waterstone went in the complete opposite direction and gave its buyers more than they would ever need. It was a nice addition, and saves you a little money upfront.

Handle Is Comfortable

A single button at the top is all you need to get a good stream going. It is light to the touch so won’t wear on your thumb as you’re holding it down. This is one of the better thought out designs, as the knob is touch sensitive rather than needing to be fully depressed. It pops back into place quickly after removing your thumb. No one is going to say this is an award-winning handle design, but it does seem like the 4025-SN was made for comfort. The no frills handle is a major plus in the feature section for this product.

The Weight Is A Good And Bad Thing

The weight of this product is a mixed bag for many consumers. It is listed as a con, with the weight coming in on the heavy side for a side spray. Holding this for extended periods of time will lead to hand fatigue if you’re used to lighter side sprays. At just over a pound, it really pushes the limit. The other side of this is that the weight is a sign of durability. It adds to the ergonomics of the product, making it a joy to hold. Unlike other spray heads that feels like toys, the 4025-SN feels like a well-crafted machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Side Spray Difficult To Install?

Not at all. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow for beginners. The only thing that will make things challenging is if you don’t have a lot of room to maneuver underneath your sink. In rare cases, you may have to take everything out just to install this side spray. In either case, it is still beginner friendly and will walk you through the steps of hooking up the side spray. The only thing that can be considered truly difficult is if you want to swap out the supplied hose with a different one.

Can It Be Used With Other Brands?

The short answer is no. The 4025-SN has compatibility specifically for Waterstone products. In many ways this can be considered a proprietary Waterstone side spray, to be used only with other Waterstone branded products. The long answer to this question is yes, you can use it with other brands. There is no way a beginner should attempt this, and even an intermediate user should give pause to such a modification. Doing so can void your warranty if something goes horribly wrong with the installation. Stick the 4025-SN with other Waterstone products and you won’t have any problems.

Can A Smaller Hose Length Be Installed?

Yes. There are a few customers that would prefer a shorter length hose. Installation of the hose can range depending on your current setup. If you’ve already got everything hooked up and plan to swap out the hose, then it will be a tad more difficult. If you’re still in the process of installing the side spray for the first time, then you’re in a wonderful position. Things are a lot clearer as a first timer when you have all of the original pieces on the floor.

What Does The Customer Say?

I Didn’t Expect 4ft. Of Hose!

This came as a shock to a lot of consumers, especially those that are used to the pull down spray heads (are you looking for pull down kitchen faucets? Read this guide). It makes a world of difference when you can reach across a large kitchen with a side spray. This was by far the most favorited feature by purchasers of this model. Not a lot of companies offer this length out of the box, so it is a hard feature to match when you’re doing comparisons.

Feels Great In Your Hands

This compliment has more to do with the weight of the product than the ergonomic grip. It was an interesting compliment by many customers since it undercuts one of the main cons of the 4025-SN. But for customers that had the wrist/hand strength to deal with the extra weight, it was a perfect way to show off the quality of the product. It’s no secret that the heavier a product is, the more people perceive it as being better quality. The 4025-SN had the benefit of being both heavy and highly durable as a result.

Nozzle Head Doesn’t Waste Any Water

A good way to wreck a kitchen setup is with leaky faucets. Heck, you can ruin a lot more than a faucet with a bad leak. Consumers remarked that the no drip spray nozzle head was a good feature for older homes with suspect plumbing. A few small concentrated drips that remains unchecked can lead to a bigger problem in the immediate area. Even if it takes years, this is something that consumers would rather avoid altogether. The drip free head of the side spray was the most favorited feature behind the long hose. That should give you an idea of how much consumers value a faucet that can control water.

Easy To Install

There were no complaints about installing this setup. The lack of complaints were replaced with many compliments from first time installers of side sprays. They found it more intuitive than many kitchen faucet setups. The odd thing is that those kitchen faucet setups were from Waterstone! When ranking the ease of installation, the 4025-SN ranks as one of the best choices for first time installers. The only complaints came from customers that needed to add in their own modifications.

Underrated Design

The most overlooked feature of this model is its design. The few compliments that buyers gave about the design was related to the usual Waterstone finish. Thirty choices, all great, and all fitting the design of the product well. If you want to read deeper into the comments, there were no complaints about the look of the side spray. This shows that it was compatible with a lot of home setups, regardless of the theme. It is safe to call the 4025-SN the most balanced design out of all the Waterstone side sprays in the catalog.

Final Words

Easy to install, balanced design and one of the longest nylon hoses included in a package. These are all reasons to buy into the 4025-SN. But what about the competition? Moen sits close by with the low priced Protégé, a side spray. Like Waterstone, their side spray is compatible with their own brand. In this case, the Protégé is meant to be used with quick connect faucets. It has a much short hose length, weaker spray and gets nowhere near the coverage of the Waterstone model. By paying less money for the Moen product, you are also paying for less features. It is a trade off that consumers may not want to make. Getting the Moen over the Waterstone side spray is like getting a completely different type of faucet.

Going with the 4025-SN is the smart choice, even if it is outside of your price range. Take the time to save up for a quality purchase that will last you years. You won’t have any lasting regrets with this Waterstone side spray. It takes no effort to install, and pairs well with traditional and modern kitchen themes. Count this as another win for the Waterstone brand, as they continue to solidify their powerful kitchen lineup.

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