Waterstone 5400-3-SS Parch Single Handle Kitchen Faucet Review

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Last Updated: November 7, 2020
By: Charles Cole

The Waterstone 5400-3-SS Parch is the perfect example of a high-end kitchen faucet with few flaws. It was designed for medium to large kitchens in homes that need an added touch of elegance. All of this comes at a high price, but anyone who has used a Waterstone product before knows it is more than worth it, as this item of Waterstone is truly expensive. A comparable faucet model is the Grohe 30295DC0 Essence.

Both faucets have the same design, but the Grohe model costs less without losing too many of the core features of the Waterstone version. It is a nice trade off if you aren’t familiar with Waterstone and don’t want to drop a lot of money on a top-tier version. The brand is known in the US as a high-end luxury faucet maker. It keeps its main lineup full of impressive award-winning items, high-rated customer picks, and the occasional  experimental model, just for kicks. With Waterstone products, the consumer will always get a little bit of everything.

Waterstone 5400-3-SS Parche Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

Waterstone 5400-3-SS Parch

  • ADA compliant 
  • Solid Brass or Stainless Steel Construction
  • Water efficient 
  • 17.3 pounds weight
  • 2.2 Gallons Per Minute


  • Waterstone is a popular brand with good customer service
  • Strong compatibility with reverse osmosis filtration systems
  • Solid construction with high resistance to damage
  • C spout design gives you plenty of clearance for deep sinks
  • Industry strong limited lifetime warranty
  • Resistant to fingerprints and rust
  • Bold design that doesn’t try to do too much with its look


  • Not suited for smaller kitchens

Key Features

A lot of the features of the 5400-3-SS are designed around convenience for the user, or at least modernization. This makes the deceptively simple-looking faucet easy to overlook if you’re only considering its design and price tag. Beyond the pretty exterior are a lot of game-changing features that have been improved exclusively for this Waterstone model.

Good Compatibility With Different Filtration Systems

Reverse osmosis filtration systems will have no trouble working with this kitchen faucet. It has a high compatibility rate, which is arguably the model’s best feature. These filtration systems aren’t cheap to put together or keep up. Having a kitchen faucet that works with them is important. Consumers who don’t want to forgo their favorite kitchen features will want to buy this Waterstone model for the sake of compatibility. As the defining feature of this faucet, it is also the easiest selling point.

High Durability

Waterstone doesn’t skimp on excellence when it comes to product longevity. The 5400-3-SS Parches carefully designed and constructed. Whether you choose the solid brass or stainless steel construction, you’ll be guaranteed a product that lasts for several years. The included limited lifetime warranty is a nice touch if something goes wrong, but normal wear and tear won’t be an issue. This faucet ages like a fine wine and thrives on heavy use. Just about the only downside to its solid construction is the few repair costs that fall outside of the warranty. Other than that, you can consider this a solid inclusion in the Waterstone lineup.

Plenty Of Colors To Choose From

At first glance, the only available color is solid stainless steel. This just so happens to be the most popular color for a faucet. Other available colors are antique pewter, polished chrome, polished nickel, and satin nickel. All the finishes have a distinct look that is noticeable if the faucet is the centerpiece of your kitchen. Polished chrome seems to be the least expensive option of the bunch, although the overall cost still puts this model in the high-priced category. Consumers should check out all of the colors to see just how well it plays with the rest of their kitchen environment.

A Near Perfect Installation Experience

Putting together a kitchen faucet can be easy or hard depending on the instructions given. And even with the proper instructions, sometimes the hardware is just a pain to deal with. That isn’t the case with this Waterstone model, which installs in a matter of minutes. Experience isn’t an issue since the instructions are clear and illustrated and use laymen’s terms to describe all of the steps. If you’ve never installed a kitchen faucet before, then this is considered to be one of the best installation experiences possible. This model’s easy installation helps when needing to configure it for reverse osmosis filtration systems. Instead of a lengthy tutorial, the high compatibility lets you jump right into the action.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Flow Rate?

This has been a hot debate among fans of the 5400-3-SS Parche. It is sometimes listed as being 2.2 GPM, which isn’t bad, but doesn’t follow the current trend of water-saving kitchen faucets. In truth, the actual GPM is 1.75 with the aerated tip. This makes more sense and puts it firmly in the green category for most buyers. But even at 1.75 GPM, the flow is strong and there’ll be no issues with different water types. Waterstone faucets pack a punch at full blast so this model is no different.

What Standards Does This Kitchen Faucet Meet?

ASME A112.18.1, CSA B125.1, NSF 61, 372 and CALGreen. For many people, the CALGreen standard will be the biggest standout. Yet every single one of these is important and shows just how careful Waterstone was when creating this product. Areas with hard water will affect the effectiveness of this kitchen faucet. It handles the pressure very well, even if the flow varies due to an unreliable water source. This is exactly what you’re looking for when paying a lot of money for a kitchen faucet. The reliability alone is worth the price.

Does The Dispenser Hold A Lot Of Fluid?

The soap/lotion dispenser is about average in size compared to similar brands. For most people this won’t be a big deal since it is easy to access. Refilling takes a few seconds, but making it double the size would have been nice for busier households. The average consumer won’t have to refill the dispenser more than once every two weeks. For a larger home with a lot of guests, that goes up to once weekly. Regular cleaning of the dispenser isn’t needed but buyers should try to wipe off the spout when possible so that gunk doesn’t build up.

Is This Considered A Minimalist Set?

Waterstone doesn’t market the 5400-3-SS Parche as a minimalist set, but it could very well pass as one. The best way to describe the look is ‘elegant’ and it wastes no space with any of the design aspects. Even the dispenser is appropriately sized next to the main faucet. The handle is perfectly sized, small and sitting at the base of the faucet. There really is nothing else you could take away from this set to make it smaller. So, buyers that are looking for a minimalist kitchen faucet may want to give this model a try. Even at a high price, it is something a little different than other smaller sets that lack quality features.

What Does The Customer Say?

This Is A Nice Design For Smaller Kitchens

Smaller kitchens can be just as fancy as larger spaces. Because of the design, this kitchen faucet pairs well with smaller kitchens where space is limited. It is small but still has a lot of flare. And if you go for some of the more popular color choices, then it will look even better than the competing brands. This kitchen faucet model from Waterstone is a good experiment for homes that want to try something new in the kitchen area without going overboard.

The Dispenser Is Underrated

The dispenser can often become an ignored add-on when purchasing a high-end kitchen faucet. It is an important addition to any kitchen sink, and can really change the way you use the area. Buyers that purchased this model mainly for the faucet were amazed at the usefulness of the dispenser. And if you have rough hands after washing the dishes, filling the dispenser with lotion makes a major difference in how moisturized your hands are throughout the day. On a cluttered countertop, saving space for dish soap or hand lotion is a big deal.

Waterstone Is A Reliable Brand

Waterstone is a brand that flies under the radar when you think of kitchen brand names. It is an American company that specializes in luxury kitchen faucets and is in direct competition with bigger brands like Kohler. Fans of the company range from former Kohler users to first-time homeowners that want a deal. The lack of negative reviews of the company is the biggest reason why it comes so highly recommended. And with the bulk of that praise being from word of mouth, Waterstone has really carved a niche for itself in the kitchen faucet industry.

Water Pressure Stabilized

Customers that lived in homes with erratic water pressure had a positive experience after installing this model. The way it handles different types of water is a nice selling point since not all in-house piping is made the same. Waterstone is a prime example of a company that makes faucets that are compatible with different types of kitchen setups. Waterstone is especially loved by consumers with older homes. This isn’t the only Waterstone model with this ability, as evident in their entire lineup. The feature comes well recommended from multiple customers.

Using The Spray Head Was Fun

Reviews point to how simple it is to use the spray head. There is nothing confusing about it and there’s no extended functions. It is just a spray head with the barest of features that does its job without annoying the user. Customers appreciate additions like this model’s spray head because it doesn’t try to do too much. Adding anything extra to the spray head wouldn’t make it any better than it already is. Many of the buyers for this model were looking for minimalist features, so it makes sense that Waterstone didn’t go overboard with modern additions.

Final Words

The Waterstone 5400-3-SS Parche is a beautiful kitchen faucet that handles its role well. In a big or small home, you’ll get a lot of years out of it and won’t regret your purchase. Buyers that want something similar at a lesser price can turn to the Hansgrohe Talis M.

The difference is that it loses the minimalist approach and goes for a standard size, especially in thickness. Even the design misses the notes that make the Waterstone stand out from its peers. But the Hansgrohe model is a worthy choice for buyers who want to spend a lot less for the same features of a Waterstone model. It’s safe to say that there is really nothing close to the Waterstone model in terms of looks, features, and compatibility with small to large homes. Plenty of other kitchen faucets are better at one of those features, but finding a model with a balance of comparable features leads you to a short list.

Potential buyers should think of the 5400-3-SS Parche as an important member of the Waterstone lineup. It may be years before you see a combination of features like this again in one kitchen faucet. Just the inclusion of compatibility with reverse osmosis systems is a step in the right direction for the industry. Kohler is a good brand to keep an eye on and will most definitely have a product to directly compete with Waterstone. Dura is also close behind and has had some surprises in its lineup. Although this Waterstone model is on the expensive side, there is no denying that it is a product that turns an average sink into a dream.

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