Waterstone 5600-2-SN Annapolis Kitchen Faucet Review

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Last Updated: November 7, 2020
By: Charles Cole

With Waterstone, you already know that the quality will be exceptional. The Annapolis faucet was created with the US Naval Academy in mind. It copies their excellence and discipline, and contains many design cues from Naval Academy graduate Chris Kuran (who just so happens to be the president of Waterstone!). So a lot of care went into this high priced kitchen faucet, one of many from the Annapolis Faucet Suite. It would be a bit unfair to compare this to similar models since you’d have to look no further than Waterstone’s own brands to find the closest competitor. It really is an odd combo, not in a bad way, but in how it blends several Waterstone designs and features into one kitchen sink. For consumers, this can be a good or bad thing depending on what you want. If you’re hard pressed to make a comparison with a different brand, then look no further than the Moen STO Collection. To be fair, they aren’t even competing in the same price range- but the odd design comparisons fits almost perfectly.

Waterstone 5600-2-SN Annapolis Kitchen Faucet

Waterstone 5600-2-SN Annapolis

  • Traditional C-Spout Design
  • Unique PLP Positive Lock 
  • Lever Selects Spray from Aerated Stream
  • 1.75 Gallons Per Minute
  • 14.57 pounds weight


  • Thirty finishes available including Satin Nickel and the coveted American Bronze
  • Lifetime functional warranty so that you’re always protected
  • Pull out sprayhead and lotion/soap dispenser included
  • Counterbalance weight gently pulls sprayhead back into position
  • Strong brass construction for all colors
  • Optional accessories are available to extend the usefulness of the faucet
  • Can be extended to a three or four piece set


  • Design may turn off potential customers that want a specific look

Key Features

With the Annapolis, buyers can experiment with multiple kitchen setups. There are plenty of colors and hole configurations to choose from, so no two Annapolis kitchen faucets will look the same. With some patience and creativity, you’ll see that the best feature of this product is its versatility. If you are not satisfied with its price, you can browse more kitchen faucets according to your price range.

Multi-function Sprayhead

The sprayhead attachment isn’t anything new, and has been added to a lot of top kitchen faucets. What makes the Annapolis different is how it handles the sprayhead. It is a unique pull down faucet with spray and aerated stream functions. There is some weight to it, so the quality of the piece can be felt the moment you have it in your hands. Buttons for managing the spray type are right at your fingertips, and it never feels uncomfortable to hold in one hand. The sprayhead is very much the star piece of the entire Annapolis package.

Well Made Dispenser

Dispensers can make or break a kitchen faucet package. Sometimes including them is a nuisance and takes away from the quality of the overall product. That isn’t the case here, as the Annapolis has a very well made dispenser. It holds either soap or lotion, with the design fitting the theme of the main faucet. It is discreet enough that it doesn’t get in the way, but accessible enough to where a kit can use it without supervision. The dispenser isn’t the star like the sprayhead, yet remains a very useful inclusion to the entire set. The Annapolis would be less of a bargain without it, so consider the dispenser a major feature of this product.

Flexible Braided Hose

The weight of the sprayhead means that Waterstone had to do a good job with keeping it in place. The locking mechanism and counterbalance helps, but what really brings everything together is the long braided hose. In a large or small kitchen the length goes a long way in determining what you can do, or how you navigate. It extends a full eighteen inches from the spout and should cover even the largest of kitchens fairly well. With the reinforced braided hose you never have to worry about leaks, punctures of scratches when using the sprayhead.

A Ton Of Colors To Accentuate The Design

Waterstone has never been shy about the amount of colors they provide with their kitchen faucets. The Annapolis comes in thirty different finishes, with the popular choices being satin nickel and antique pewter. The company does a good job with these colors, doing what they can to add a little pizazz to the design. Even so, the Annapolis is not the most widely regarded product from their line when you rank it by design. Having these extra finishes helps it stand out a little, and in some households can make it a must buy. The easiest way to find out if this model works for you is to look at it in all the available colors. One of them may stand out enough to make this a day one purchase for your kitchen.

Great For Deep Sinks

Using a standard 8 ¾ inch spout, it makes it perfect for deep sinks. You’ll get plenty of clearance to play with all of the settings. When dishes are piling up in the sink, the spout can swivel 360 degrees to give you room to clean. And as if that wasn’t enough, the handle can adjust to 22.5 degrees in multiple directions. It looks big from the outside, but the Annapolis is a true space saving item. You can enhance this space saving capability by going with the original two-piece suite or go big with the three or four piece. There is enough variation with the movement to make all three options useful for a deep sink configuration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do The Colors Really Make That Much Of A Difference?

Since the design can clash with a lot of kitchens and consumer personal taste, having different colors to choose from helps the buying decision. This isn’t a simple color swap between a few colors, but contains the massive thirty color choice from the Waterstone catalog. That makes a major difference when deciding between one kitchen faucet and the next. Waterstone does a commendable job of adding good, quality colors. They won’t peel or chip like some cheap paint job, and truly brings like to the Annapolis model. If you’re building a new home, it’s always nice to have a wide selection of designs and colors.

How Well Does It Handle Water?

With the aerated tip, the Annapolis handles a 1.75 GPM flow rate. It toes the line between powerful and water saving. It is a perfect mix of both when you consider the origin of this model, and is a nice fit for homes with weak water pressure. The same can be said of the pull down sprayhead, as it maintains a powerful spray for extended periods of time regardless of the home’s piping. Rust and regular deterioration are not an issue if there is a lot of splashing. The color won’t fade, and it will be years before you even see any type of wear from extended water exposure.

Is It Hard To Install?

It isn’t hard to install, but there is a small learning curve compared to the rest of the Waterstone catalog. Consumers are should read the manual first before attempting an installation so that they don’t waste time backtracking. The biggest issue with the install is that you have to account for the minimum install hole size and the max counter thickness. One of these two things can throw off your entire install, and the manual warns you of this ahead of time. Experienced users won’t face much of a problem, but beginners should read the manual and prep the area.

Which Hole Configuration Works Best?

Annapolis is available in two, three and four piece configurations. The default two-piece suite is nice, but nothing revolutionary for the brand. When you get to the three and four piece sets, it really comes together as a full package. The design and overall arch of the spout really makes it more viable to get the three and four piece set. You won’t really save a lot of space by going for the default slots, so unless it is a kitchen restriction you should only get the default set as a last resort.

What Does The Customer Say?

The Annapolis Is Hard To Install

Customers that complained about the hard installation were usually in the beginner bracket. First time installers will run into problems with the Annapolis if they don’t read the directions carefully. The biggest complaint was about space restrictions, a problem that can easily be remedied by checking the manual for limitations. Although the complaints about the install came from first time installers, it didn’t get to the point where they had to call a professional. If you have ever installed a kitchen faucet before, then the Annapolis shouldn’t give you too much of a headache. Once installed, you never have to worry about it again.

The Annapolis Bigger Than It Looks

The biggest surprise for buyers is that the faucet is quite large. If you purchased the default two hole suite because you wanted to save space, then you will likely be disappointed. In that case, customers upgraded from the two hole to the three/four to fully realize its potential. It is still a standard 8 ¾ spout, so in reality it isn’t any larger than the average kitchen faucet. The extra space it takes has more to do with the design, which is a mashup of multiple ideas put into one product. It works for medium/large kitchen areas, but may falter a bit if you need it for a small kitchen.

Great Color Choices

Comments that were made about the color choices were obvious, and tends to be the norm for Waterstone buyers. This is an unusual design from the company, so having limited colors would have really lessened the appeal from potential customers. Waterstone didn’t phone in their color support of this model, and introduced a lot of choices without making them look cheap, or tacked on. Each color shines in its own way and brings new life to this kitchen faucet. The Annapolis is one of the most varied models in the Waterstone catalog. Since it is not competing directly with the luxury lines, customers get a much better deal if they want a high-end faucet.

Solid Construction

Most of the talk about the Annapolis centered on its high durability and iron clad warranty. This kitchen faucet lives up to the Waterstone brand by being tough, even after years of hard usage. Consumers that installed the faucet in business locations were amazed at its ability to maintain the original look and feature set. That means the sprayhead maintained its lock in mechanism, and the spray controls remained solid. Since this was designed with the help of the company President, it makes since that this would be one of the most durable products from the Waterstone catalog.

Final Words

The Annapolis won’t win any awards for its looks, but that isn’t the main draw of this faucet. The main features are its accessories, durability and great overall balance. It doesn’t have a lot of weak points while offering plenty of color choices to fit into any kitchen. The look isn’t too modern, or too traditional. But what about noteworthy comparisons?

It was mentioned earlier that the best comparisons are within the Waterstone catalog. The only non-Waterstone faucet that seems to capture the spirit of the Annapolis is the Moen STO Collection. Compared to the Annapolis Faucet Suite, it can be argued that Moen is a better choice for the low to midrange market. Annapolis represents buyers that want to pay a high price, and in some ways it dips into the midrange market. So it doesn’t directly compete with high end luxury faucets, but somehow is competition for a lot of mid to high range kitchen faucets. All of this gets stranger when you consider that it is priced high, further fragmenting the customer base.

Potential buyers of the Annapolis shouldn’t let that scare them away from a purchase. This is one of those faucets that will bring a smile to your face every time you use it. The unmatched durability of the entire Annapolis line is reason enough to consider this a strong buy. If Thanos were to sponsor a kitchen faucet, then the Annapolis would be his only choice.

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